11 Best Perfume for Women in India Under Rs.1600

11 Best Perfume for Women in India Under Rs.1600

It’s true that perfumes make you seem flawless and complete, but just like all of your clothes and accessories, cheap perfume is also barely perceptible while yet playing a significant part in enhancing your self-esteem. You make an everlasting impression in addition to having a beautiful and luxurious aroma. There are several pricing points for perfumes, and they may vary from being quite affordable to extremely expensive.

Here are the Top 11 Women’s Fragrances in India Under 1600 Rupees. You may get them at a discount by using the Nykaa Coupon Code.

1.Revlon A Charlie Gold fragrance

Revlon A Charlie Gold fragrance

Revlon Charlie Gold is marketed at women and has a mix of fruity ingredients including peaches, apricots, plums, and citrus, as well as other scents like jasmine, ground cinnamon, rose, muguet, & sandalwood, in addition to vanilla and caramel. This perfume for ladies can make you seem alluring and beautiful. Now apply some fragrance to the pulse points and wear it all day.

Price : 840 rupees

2.The Nike Urban Musk fragrance

The Nike Urban Musk fragrance

Amazing scent Urban Musk EDT is perfect for confident Indian ladies. If you really like oriental fragrance, use this to achieve a lasting invigorating aromatic perfume. The delicate cheap perfume for ladies is much simpler to get and has oriental and woody undertones that give it a seductive scent that may be worn continuously throughout the day.

Price:599 rupees.

3. The perfume Revlon Charlie Red

The perfume Revlon Charlie Red

This affordable women’s fragrance in Red from the household of Revlon is a stunning scent with a very sweet and womanly aroma. This fragrance for ladies combines blackcurrant, ylang-ylang, orange blossoms, and plum and apricot. This is ideal for regular usage in the office or college to breathe in some fresh air. Without a doubt, all young women like scent.

Price:  Rs. 999.

4. The perfume Playboy Play It Spicy

The perfume Playboy Play It Spicy

This women’s perfume’s packaging is fantastic, but the fragrance is a combination of oriental and floral ingredients. This is lavish and sumptuous because to the blend of vanilla, fruity, and timbered smells. Other aromatic components include vanilla, orange, and woody sandalwood flavours. To leave a lasting impression, always attempt it for a friend’s wedding or a date night.

Price : 695 Rupees

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5. Fogg Make My Day For Women Cologne

Fogg Make My Day For Women Cologne

The Fogg Make My day as well fragrance is a mysterious scent that combines with a fresh fruity and floral amalgam of elements to give your personality superiority and sensuality. The fruity elements that make it appropriate for everyday use are toned down by the blend of sandalwood and perfumed undertones.

Price: 549 rupees

6. Anna Andre Paris No. 1 Fragrance

Anna Andre Paris No. 1 Fragrance

This brand of perfume is fairly affordable and provides long-lasting performance affordably. This is a perfectly balanced mixture of vanilla with fruity and flowery undertones. Although they may be used at any time of the year, these smells are appropriate both during the day and at sunset.

Price: 699 rupees

7. The fragrance Titan Skinn Celeste

The fragrance Titan Skinn Celeste

The 20 ml bottle of Celeste by Titan Skinn for Women costs just 545 Rupees, while the heart notes are controlled by the fragrances of juicy fuzzy and peary. It has sandalwood and the standard fragrances. A sensual and feminine aroma for the middle of winter.

Price : 450 rupees

8.Eau de Toilette by Marks & Spencer in Rose

Eau de Toilette by Marks & Spencer in Rose


One of the greatest fragrances for ladies is this rose scent, which is available from Marks & Spencer and is part of their affordable line of toiletries. It is ideal for all skin types since it has red rose and fruity bloom finest overtones. omen

Price: 1,299 rupees

9. The perfume Jovan Black Musk

The perfume Jovan Black Musk

This particular Jovan Black Musk perfume is the ideal fusion of citrus, oak notes, and white floral essences. Jasmine, ginger beer, pink pepper, & nutmeg are all included in the fragrance. Additionally, Myntra Coupons with fantastic discounts make it simple for you to get this item.

Price : 800 rupees

10. Zara Woman Toilette

Zara Woman Toilette

Amazingly, Zara provides a wide selection of fragrances that are appropriate for both men and women, available for a low price of INR 700 for a number of scents. For ladies, Red Vanilla, which costs INR 790 and is fruity, and rose scents, which cost INR 990 apiece, are preferable options.

Price : 1400 rupees

11.Romance Eau de Parfum by RASASI

Romance Eau de Parfum by RASASI

One of the most popular perfume brands for women in India is Rasasi, & you can never just go wrong with one of their scents. This Rasasi lesbian romance perfume is a gorgeous glass bottle with an enticing green and gold contrast that is shaped like a cylinder. This Romance perfume has a woody musky aroma with top of the scale floral-fruity notes of hyacinth, peach, raspberry jam, & apricot. This Rasasi women’s cheap perfume online is a great option for the spring and summer season since it will leave you smelling fresh and its 45ml quantity will last an also very long time. Due of the opulent-looking bottle that Rasasi Romance comes in, it also makes a lavish present.

Price: 1,600 rupees

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