10 Creative Gift Ideas for Kids to Make Their Birthday Extra Special

Birthdays are a time to reflect on all the good moments in a person’s life. For kids, it can be extraordinary because it’s the first time they experience being adults. Giving them a unique birthday gift that shows how much you care is the perfect way to show your affection. 

What creative gift ideas for kids to make their birthday extra special?

When it comes to birthday gifts, kids always have so many requests. Whether they want a new toy, an allowance increase, or just some attention from their parents, they can be pretty demanding! That’s why it’s always fun to develop something unique and special that the child will love. And since birthdays are usually celebrated on the weekend or during school breaks, making things easier for the parents is critical!

1) Get them a prepaid card for online shopping – This is perfect for those kids who love spending their allowance on clothes or accessories they can’t find at home. Just get them a prepaid card with some predetermined money they can use to shop online at their convenience.

2) A homemade cake – This is always such a hit!

1. Painting or Sketching Party

Kids love making things, and birthday parties are no exception! 

The first idea is a Painting or Sketching Party. Have the children bring their paints or pencils and paper, and have someone give them instructions on what to paint or sketch. You could also have some themed paintings or sketches, like animals or scenes from a favorite movie.

The next idea is a Game Night Party. Bring along your favorite board games, and set up a table in the living room for everyone to play. If you’re feeling adventurous, consider setting up rules only the guests know about beforehand (like how many moves it takes to win!).

Consider having a Harry Potter Party if you want to go all out with a party theme.

2. Scavenger Hunt 

  1. Thinking of a creative and unique way to celebrate your child’s birthday? All you need to do is find the perfect present for your little one, and midnight gift delivery in Kolkata can help make that happen!
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  3. If you’re looking for something unique, why not consider a scavenger hunt? This fun activity will involve the whole family and ensure that your child has the best birthday ever!
  4. Alternatively, why not give them a practical gift?

3. DIY Photo Booth

It’s that time of year again – birthdays! Whether you’re the birthday person or planning a birthday party for a friend or loved one, it can be hard to come up with something special. But don’t worry; we’ve got you covered!

  1. DIY photo booth. This is an excellent idea if your child loves taking pictures and having fun in front of the camera. All you need are cardboard boxes, some props (like hats and sunglasses), and some memory cards. Have them take turns posing in the booth, and have everyone sign the photos afterward!

I2. Create a cake decorating workshop. Kids love being able to create something beautiful on their birthday – why not let them do it themselves?

4. Finger Puppets

Making a birthday present for a child can be both fun and challenging. Whether you’re shopping online or in person

  1. Finger puppets! These are classic and always popular birthday gift ideas for kids. You can make them yourself or order them pre-made from an online store. Just be sure to get the right size puppet – some children like more miniature puppets, while others prefer larger ones.
  2. DIY photo frames! If you have any old photos of your child you’d like to display, consider framing them and giving them as a birthday present. All you need is some wood or plastic frames, some nice pictures, and craft supplies like spray paint or adhesive dots (for labeling).
  3. Art sets!

5. Customized T-Shirts

Kids love receiving personalized gifts on their birthdays, and plenty of creative gift ideas are easy to make and can be delivered the same day in Kolkata.

  1. Customized T-shirt with a favorite cartoon character or movie star
  2. Personalized T-shirt with a funny quote or clever saying
  3. Customized T-shirt with a photo of the birthday celebrant and the recipient’s name
  4. Customized T-shirt with a favorite sports team’s logo or mascot
  5. Customized T-shirt with an image from the birthday celebrant’s childhood
  6. Customized T-shirt with a colorful abstract design
  7. Customized T-shirt with a bright floral pattern

6. Birthday Cake Toppers

  1. When it comes to birthday gifts, nothing is more special than something that the birthday boy or girl has made themselves! If you’re looking for ideas for kids to make their extra birthday special, consider giving them a cake topper made by themself. Any budding baker can create plenty of easy and fun cake toppers.
  2. A cake-baking cookbook is another excellent gift for kids who love cooking. These books contain all the recipes needed to create beautiful cakes from start to finish, making baking a breeze for any budding pastry chef.
  3. For the gadget lover in your family, consider getting them a cool new toy or game related to cooking or baking!

7. Make a bouquet

When it’s a kid’s birthday, there’s nothing better than getting a special gift in the mail. Whether they’re into dinosaurs or trains

Bouquet: One classic and quickly delivered same-day gift is fresh flowers. Of course, you can get creative and mix things up by incorporating different types of plants and floral arrangements. Order your flowers early in the day, so they arrive before the birthday girl or boy wakes up!

Gift certificate to favorite restaurant: Another excellent idea for a same-day delivery gift is a certificate to their favorite restaurant. This allows them to enjoy something new without spending time planning or coordinating. Plus, it’s always fun to see their reaction when they open the present!

8. Play music or make a video

Looking for creative birthday gift ideas for your kids? Look no further. Movies and music can be enjoyed at home thanks to DVD and CD players. If the birthday kid loves to sing or dance, why not get them a microphone or dance lessons? There are also plenty of cool gadgets and games available these days that are sure to keep kids entertained.

From cars and planes to castles and spaceships, there’s something for every kid on this list. And if they don’t have anything specific in mind, don’t worry – all these gifts can be personalized to fit the recipient perfectly. So go ahead – spoil your little one on their special day!

9. Write a letter 

Dear [Name of Friend or Family Member],

Happy birthday! We hope you have a great day and that your birthday is extra special.

Here are a few gift ideas that can be made on short notice. If you get them before your birthday, the gifts will be delivered right to your door!

1) A homemade cake or cupcake with a handwritten note from you and your family or friends.

2) A new book, game, or toy you’ve wanted.

10. Make something edible 

Need to know what to get your child for their birthday? No problem! Here are ten creative gift ideas for kids to make their birthday special.

One easy and fun gift idea is to create something edible. There are many recipes for edible gifts, so you can find something your child will enjoy. Another great option is to give a gift card to a favorite store or restaurant. Finally, consider giving a Kindle Fire tablet or another electronic device if the money is tight. All of these gifts can be delivered the same day in Kolkata!



In conclusion, these creative gift ideas for kids’ birthdays will make the occasion extra special. Whether you’re looking for something inexpensive or a bit more expensive, your child will surely love something on this list. So get creative and find the perfect birthday gift for the little one in your life!

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