15 Current Popular Social Media Platforms

20 Current Popular Social Media Platforms

Social Media Platforms Today, more than 50% of individuals utilise social media in some capacity. This implies that firms may contact almost every customer on these sites.

There are several social media platforms, websites, and applications, each with its own features and market. Therefore, each company must develop a unique social media strategy geared toward its target market.

The most popular social networking sites

Here are the top 15 social networking sites in use right now.

Facebook Social Media Platforms

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One of the most well-known social media sites in the world is Facebook. More than a third of the world’s population uses Facebook, which has 2.7 billion active users each month. Since its launch on February 4, 2004, Facebook has continuously changed to meet the requirements of its users and draw in new ones. This includes the purchase of WhatsApp and Instagram. Companies are able to build their own events, groups, and pages. For companies looking to boost their exposure to a certain demographic of customers, Facebook also provides tailored advertising alternatives. Businesses may also utilise Facebook Messenger to communicate with consumers personally.

Twitter Social Media Platforms

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Twitter sprang to fame as a microblogging platform that only permitted submissions of up to 140 characters in length. It has increased that character restriction since its introduction in 2006 and now allows users to post additional types of data, such as images and videos. It is not as popular as Facebook, with just 330 million active users each month. The general public still uses it a lot, however. It may also be a helpful platform for engagement, such as participating in industry-specific Twitter discussions or answering queries from clients about customer service.

LinkedIn Social Media Platforms

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The most widely used social media platform for business networking is LinkedIn. Over 700 million people have registered on the network, with roughly 300 million of them being active each month. Founded in 2003, LinkedIn enables users to post job advertisements and get responses. Users may also upload their resumes and interact with people in their sector. In terms of marketing, B2B companies often find LinkedIn to be very helpful. Even possibilities for posting material and paying for adverts are provided.

YouTube Social Media Platforms

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Not only is YouTube the most widely used video-sharing platform worldwide. It ranks after Google as the second most popular search engine. The business was established in 2005, and Google ultimately acquired it. Over 2 billion users connect onto YouTube each month. Even more people go to the website and view videos without creating an account. Basically, YouTube can be used by any company that wants to employ video marketing to attract a large audience. The website also allows you to embed videos on other websites and increases user engagement.

Pinterest, Social Media Platforms

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Pinterest combines elements of a social networking platform with a search engine. A user may store items, project ideas, and motivational pictures on its digital bulletin boards. It’s the ideal location for companies to post product photographs, creative DIY projects, recipes, and distinctive imagery. Additionally, by integrating pin-it buttons that let users post your information to their boards, you may make the content on your websites “pinnable.” Since its 2010 introduction, Pinterest has accumulated more than 400 million active monthly users.


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Another social networking platform that places a strong focus on images is Instagram. The website went up in 2010, and Facebook eventually bought it. It is mostly a mobile platform with more than 1 billion active users per month. Similar to Facebook, Instagram provides alternatives for targeted advertising to enable business users contact a particular user. Additionally, Instagram provides a variety of publishing choices, such as live streams, slideshows, stories, and images and videos.


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A blogging site called Tumblr offers a variety of post types. Quotes, conversations, films, pictures, and even audio material are all acceptable. It was first released in 2007 and is now under Automattic’s ownership. In recent years, the number of users has somewhat declined. It nonetheless receives around 400 million visits each month. On Tumblr, there aren’t as many businesses as there are on other sites like Facebook. However, it could be able to make firms stand out from other overcrowded websites. Additionally, it permits simple content re-sharing and enables sponsored articles.


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Flickr is a well-liked site for uploading and sharing visual content. The website, which was launched in 2004, was bought by Yahoo in 2005 and is currently owned by SmugMug. Photographers and companies who want their photographs to be shared online are particularly fond of it. It may also be used to locate photographs that are free to use in content. In recent years, the site has lost some of its influence in the market. Even yet, there are still around 90 million users per month.


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Reddit is a social news and entertainment platform with a huge number of niche communities. In order to communicate with other users, a registered user may post material and leave comments on threads. The website, which was launched in 2005, now has 430 million active users per month. Reddit isn’t very well-liked by marketers. However, there are a tonne of vibrant, niche groups that make it a desirable choice for websites trying to expand their readership. For individuals who are interested in networking or learning, there are additional subreddits devoted to business.


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Snapchat is a social networking platform for mobile messaging. A user has the option to submit tales that are read by all of their followers or share one-time material with pals. The software, which was released in 2011, immediately gained popularity, particularly among youthful users. Now, it’s slowed down a little. However, this social networking platform still has around 360 million monthly users globally. Advertise on the app by creating business accounts for brands that cater to young people.


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A well-liked mobile messaging programme is WhatsApp. You may use it to send individual users or groups of users photographs, messages, documents, audio, & video information. The business, which was founded in 2010, is now actually owned by facebook and twitter along with instagram account. More than 3 billion people use WhatsApp each month. The programme allows small companies to quickly and simply interact personally with clients and potential clients.


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Users of Quora may post queries and get responses on a range of subjects. It was first introduced in 2009 and now has more than 350 million monthly users. Businesses may utilise Quora to develop their subject-matter knowledge. Also often ranked well in search results are question postings. As a consequence, your replies could even be seen by those who don’t often use Quora.


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TikTok is a relatively recent addition to the social media landscape. But it has already left a lasting impression on the social media scene. The software enables users to make quick, inventive films. Around the globe, it already has more than 800 million active users per month. Businesses may utilise it as part of their social media marketing to showcase their creative side and produce viral content.

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Vimeo link

A reputable video platform is Vimeo. Although less popular than YouTube, it nonetheless has high-quality capabilities that are ideal for filmmakers and users who wish to share cinematic material. This social networking platform has over 170 million active users per month. Users of Vimeo may share and embed movies on other websites, however. Advanced data and statistics are also available to users to track performance.


BizSugar  link

A social media site designed exclusively for managers, entrepreneurs, and small company owners is called BizSugar. A company called Small Business Trends LLC currently owns the website, which was founded in 2007. Users may exchange webpages, podcast episodes, blog entries, articles, and videos. The stuff they adore may be debated or voted on by other users. More than 3.5 million small business owners use the website each month. As a consequence, it’s an excellent location for resource sharing, knowledge acquisition, and B2B marketing.

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