16 Free SEO Tools You Need

Searching for a shortlist of beneficial, free SEO tools? then stop your search.You don’t need every available free SEO tools. Just enough of them are required to satisfy your use cases.

1. Ahrefs Webmaster Instruments

Check the SEO status of your website, find out who is linked to it, and find out what keywords it ranks for on Google.

The foundation of your home must be rock-solid before you engage an interior designer to enhance it. For your website, the same is true. Make sure your website has solid technical health before you start improving it.

Ahrefs Webmaster Instruments

only with Ahrefs Webmaster Tools (AWT), do a thorough scan of your website to look for more than 100 typical SEO problems.


Additionally, you’ll be able to find out what keywords you’re presently ranking for and who is connecting to your website.


use Reddit to do keyword research


Finding the subjects that interest your target audience is the goal of keyword research. What better way to do this than to use Reddit, one of the biggest “forums” on the internet, to identify the subjects that people are talking about?

Indicate which Reddit subreddit your target audience frequents. From that community, Keyworddit will then try to extract keywords.

3.Google Trends 

worldwide search patterns are shown.

Google Trends 

Google Trends displays a topic’s popularity over time.

Utilize it to identify and profit from hot topics while avoiding writing about those that are losing popularity.

Don’t forget to read this too: What is Semantic SEO, and why is it important?


Use the technical and on-page SEO plugin for WordPress.


Imagine having to manually add all your other title tags, meta detailed descriptions, OG name tags, and other such meta tags to each article you publish using code. You would go crazy, wouldn’t you?

However, you are not need to do that if you are using WordPress. You can simply add all of them using RankMath:

5.The tool for optimising Google SERP snippets

Check out how your website will appear in the SERPs.

The tool for optimising Google SERP snippets

Enter the URL, meta description, and recommended title. Then, this tool will provide a possible image of your site in the search results.

6.Merkle’s Schema Markup Generator 

Make JSON-LD structured data markup for the data.

Merkle's Schema Markup Generator 

Search engines can better comprehend your content with the aid of schema markup. Rich snippets, which often have greater click-through rates than “normal” search results, are also powered by it.


The Merkle Schema Markup Generator aids in producing accurate schema code. Choose the kind of schema markup—local company, FAQ, product, etc.—that you wish to create, complete the form, and then copy and paste the resulting markup into your website.


If you currently use a WordPress plugin like RankMath, you can achieve this. But if you’re not, you should utilise this tool.

7.The SEO Toolbar from Ahrefs

A browser add-on with several features that delivers SEO information about the pages and websites you visit


The top 100 links to any website or webpage are shown here.


Going after your rivals’ links is one of the most popular link-building strategies. By that, we mean investigating how your rivals have been obtaining their connections by looking at their websites. Then you may adopt their strategies.

To achieve that, you must first determine who is linked to them. You may use our free backlink checker to input the URL of the page with which you are in competition.


Recognize email addresses


The majority of link-building strategies include contacting others and convincing them to connect to your website. You’re going to need their email address for it to happen.

Using Hunter.io, you can discover the business email address of any individual. You may use the tool to find emails by simply entering the domain of the email address you’re searching for:

10.Assist a reporter (HARO)

Free service that links journalists searching for expertise with news sources

Assist a reporter (HARO)

Here’s how it operates:

1. Journalists are in need of specialists to respond to their inquiries.

2. HARO emails its subscribers the aforementioned questions.

3. Anyone may reply and perhaps end up as a source for the journalists’ articles.

This is an excellent strategy to create authority links regardless of whether your site is new or established.

11.google Search Console seo tools free

You may track and fix issues with the SERP visibility of your website using a free Google seo tools.

google Search Console tool free

You may use Google Search Console to check your website’s Core Web Vitals, submit sitemaps, detect structured data concerns, and more.


Free worldwide CDN


A content delivery network (CDN) is a network of geographically dispersed servers that speeds up user access to your website. It caches static material across all of its servers in order to offer it from a place close to the visitor, enabling content to load more quickly.

Utilize Cloudflare to increase website performance and defend it from harmful assaults.


Examine the speed at which your websites load


Since 2010, Google has used page speed as a ranking factor. Therefore, if your site is loading incredibly slowly, this can be the cause of its poor rating.

To check your page speed, use GTmetrix.

14.Optimise your photos using ShortPixel

Optimise your photos using ShortPixel

Large photos (in terms of file sizes) may take longer to load and slow down your page’s loading time. Even Google has a wealth of information on how to prepare your photographs for the web:

Try with different quality settings for your photographs to get the best results, and don’t be afraid to lower the quality—the aesthetic effects are often excellent and the filesize savings may be significant.

ShortPixel allows you to resize, optimise, and compress your photographs.

15.Robots.txt Creator 

Make a robots.txt file that is correctly formatted.

Robots.txt Creator 

Search engines can only access certain areas of your website if you have a robots.txt file. It mostly contains a list of every piece of material you wish to hide from search engines like Google.

Use this tool to rapidly generate a robots.txt file if your website doesn’t already have one.

16.Google Analytics 

Google Analytics’s programme

Google Analytics 

The most popular analytics tool available is most certainly Google Analytics. It makes sense considering that it’s strong and free. You may analyse and synthesise the wide variety of data it provides for your website to enhance practically every area of your marketing.

To learn how to utilise Google Analytics to enhance your SEO performance, read the post mentioned below rather than trying to name a specific feature I appreciate (which seems almost impossible).

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