4 Best snipping tool chromebook

4 Best Chromebook Snipping Tools

snipping tool chromebook

A snipping tool is easy to use and may be used on a desktop computer, a laptop computer, or any other device that supports it. so when the Print Screen option is present, it is comparable to capturing a screenshot on a computer. By removing the desired portion of the picture from the screen, you may crop out the undesirable portions of the image.

A Chromebook may vary somewhat from a Windows or Mac machine while capturing screenshots. The procedure is the same whether you choose a third-party tool or the native approach.

With the keyboard keys, you may quickly capture the full screen or just a certain region of it. Nonetheless, if this approach does not satisfy your objectives, you may locate a reliable third-party substitute. This post will demonstrate how to snap screenshots on a Chromebook using the keyboard shortcuts. We’ll also go through some of the top Chromebook snipping tools you may utilise to do the task.

Chromebook Best Snipping Tools

The simplest method for taking a screenshot of all your other Chromebook screen is by using keyboard shortcuts.

You may screenshot the complete screen of your Chromebook by simply pressing CTRL+Window switch back (Show Windows). Choose the area you wish to capture while pressing again the Window Switch (Show windows and doors) key while holding CTRL and Shift, and then drag the crosshair symbol off the trackpad.

With your Chromebook, use the stylus to capture complete or partial screenshots etc and annotate them. Alternatively, you may use the Power+Volume Down keys to quickly take a screenshot. The snipping tool on Chromebooks is a little underwhelming, but there are a lot of Chrome extensions and applications that can make it better. Browse the list below.


LightShot is free to use on Chromebooks and is also available for Windows and Mac. It allows you to capture, modify, and post screenshots again to the server system as a programme or as a Chrome plugin. Using this helpful feature, you can simply drag and drop a snapshot over any area of your Chromebook’s phone screen, modify it there, and then download or upload it to Google Drive.

While using LightShot, you hit the extension cable or the app to open the section where you may capture a screenshot. By choosing any area of the website you want to screenshot, the screenshot may easily be copied and pasted to the clipboard. Using this programme, you may quickly edit screen grabs once you’ve taken them or use a robust web editor afterwards.

Nimbus Capture

Nimbus Capture may be used on a computer, through a web browser, or even with the mobile devices. While some optional features need a cost, it is free. Nonetheless, the programme itself is adequate since it lets you save screenshots, tweak them as you go, obscure certain areas, and publish or share them instantly online.

You may capture a full or partial screenshot of the display of your Chromebook with Nimbus Capture. Using the programme, you may annotate screenshots of any tab or the whole desktop computer or create videos of them using your camera.

The programme records portions of or whole web pages so you can communicate clearly, saving you time from having to write instructions. You may pick from a variety of snapshot settings with a single click, including displaying just the viewable portion of the page, capturing a screenshot of only the specified region, or capturing a took a screenshot of the whole of the screen. The annotation panel improves your writing and material to make it clearer, far more enlightening, and more efficient in addition to providing strong editing options.


Using ShareX, you may capture screenshots of all or part of your screen, crop them right away, or save them to your camera roll here for further editing. With the Chrome Extension, then you really can capture your screen in a variety of ways, turn those screenshots into animated GIFs as you capture them, and share some of them to anywhere you choose.

Even if ShareX is overkill for many people, there are still numerous reasons to embrace it. There are several ways to capture the required area, including selecting certain areas, windows, monitors, and other forms. The programme may also be used to alter a screenshot by cropping, pixelating, adding extra text message, or adding shapes. Also, using a shortened URL, the snippets may be copied, uploaded to youtube, watermarked, and published on more than 30 other websites. ShareX lets you make GIFs in addition to screen recordings.


Gyazo is a programme that enables you to quickly share action shots, animations, and lessons as well as clip any application, GIFs, and videos. You can alter what’s on all your other screen using both the fundamental and sophisticated tools after saving it.

From the screen you recorded, Gyazo will signed copy and upload a special URL that you may share right away. In addition to listening back your audio recordings, you can also save amusing and practical events, together with their information, to your account and conveniently organise all of your recordings.

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Final Conclusion

You may to use any of the snipping tool  Chromebook to take pictures and turn them into films or GIFs. While the built-in approach may not have all the functionality you want, one of our top five options for Chromebook snipping tools can let you create, edit, annotate, and share your snaps.

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