5 Best Cricket Games for Mobile

5 Best Cricket Games for Mobile

5 Best Cricket Games for Mobile:  In this busy world, everyone wants some form of relaxation, fun and adventure. In such situations, if you are a student, playing games is the best solution to feel refreshed after a lot of work and study. Gone are the days, when people had to go out for sports and look for a playground or buy a board game. Now with the ever increasing trend of smartphones and unlimited data bundles, people are more inclined to play games on smartphones especially the best cricket games for Android.

Cricket is the favorite sport of Pakistan and it is very close to Pakistanis. However, not many people have the time to go out on the pitch and play cricket. Now with the constant development in the smartphone, the top game developers are given the best opportunities to target the Google Play Store to their best extent. However, Play Store has a problem that most of the best games cannot be played without internet connection. This in turn affects the gaming experience and limits players in countries where finding a fast internet connection is a task.

One can easily get good cricket games under 100 MB so that their device is not overburdened. For those who don’t want to waste money on games they can also get free cricket games for android.

Best cricket games for mobile

1. Real Cricket 20

Real Cricket is one of the most popular multiplayer cricket games of today. This game offers you a thrilling experience. And the good news is that Real Cricket is now available for Android. Real Cricket 20 is a real time multiplayer game. A 2 players can match head to head. In addition, you can create teams and compete with other teams, and play matches with the computer. This is the first time that every game mode is present in a multiplayer game. We can also watch and share our match highlights. Technologies such as Ultra Edge and Syncometry are used to review an umpire’s decision. For the first time, a female commentary voice has also been programmed into the game. So I will consider this as the best multiplayer cricket game for Android

2. World Cricket Championship 2

The reason for giving this game the top slot is that it is the most popular game of cricket. This is the most popular game and needs no introduction. It has been downloaded nearly 50,000,000 times which clearly shows its popularity. This is a game with very powerful graphics. World Cricket Championship 2 allows you to choose between 18 international teams and 10 domestic teams. It is one of the stick cricket game, which has rules and regulations.

The best thing about this game is that one can choose the stadium of their choice which is 24 in number.

3. Cricket Black

It is a mini cricket game and it has only 2MB space so it is best for those who have less space in their devices. Occupying less space doesn’t make it awkward which is packed with amazing features and extremely colorful. Cricket Black lets users create high scores and compete with real-time live charts from around the world. While playing this game one can choose a player who is a friend or play with random players from all over the world who will be in love at that moment. It also lets you play T-20 series cricket.

4. Google Doodle Cricket

This is a kids cricket game but I am sure, you will enjoy it a lot. The game was introduced by Google to celebrate the ICC Champions Trophy. It is a very light game but has great graphics. It has a dynamic camera angle that is a strong competitor. One can consider this beautiful game as a Test series. Initially, this game was not available on Play Store but considering its huge demand, Google launched it on Play Store as well.

5. Big Bash Cricket

It is a simple and modern cricket game available on play store yet gives a great time to finish the experience. You just need to swipe to play Big Bash Cricket well. Alternately, you can hit and take another swipe to bowl. As it is very easy to play, after some time this game will become addictive and you will not be able to quit it. The only downside to this game is the many ads

What makes Big Bash Cricket app different from other gaming apps is that it is designed in such a way that it allows you to play any shot like in real life. Moreover, it offers three modes that you choose between Quick Match, Tournament and Challenge.

Last words

So these were the top cricket games for android download. The above games provide hours of fun, but if the selection doesn’t quite fit your style, we’re always looking for great games, let us know in the comments below.

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