6 Unique Packaging Designs For Your Soap Boxes

Finding the best fit for your soaps could give a sudden boost to your home or commercial business for soaps. There are some quite popular types of soap boxes with fascinating designs. Every design has a different level of aesthetics and specialties that offer businesses unique benefits. All unique designs of these boxes are manufactured using cardboard, kraft paper, or bux board material. Moreover, another common thing between these boxes is that they all are eco-friendly. Let’s explore the 6 unique and innovative packaging designs for these boxes for soaps.

Sliding Drawer Kraft Soap Boxes

This packaging type for the soaps is quite a fascinating option for buyers that want to use soaps quickly and put them back into the box. These boxes are also popular as the travel soap boxes as people prefer keeping them along while traveling. Usually, these boxes consist of two parts. One is the tray that can contain soap of any kind of shape. A sleeve moves over it and works like a table drawer. People could easily remove the sleeve or pull the internal tray to see the soap texture. Moreover, it lets them feel the aroma of the soap, which plays a vital role in building up their mood for purchases. On the other hand, this packaging also has an amazing unboxing phenomenon that makes these boxes a versatile option for everyone.


Customized Pillow Soap Boxes

It is quite easy to judge from the name of these boxes that they come in the shape of a pillow. It is a unique type of soap packaging because of its unique design. Soaps in these boxes become standout on the retail shelves. Thus, it becomes easier for the startup brands to attract customers by attracting them to the retail stores. People love to use these boxes to gift homemade soaps to their loved ones. Customizing these boxes is also much easier because of the flexible traits of kraft or bux board materials. These boxes come in several sizes, and a soap brand owner can also get them in the desired size. They offer the same branding advantage as that of the custom soap sleeves. You can display the brand’s name prominently over one side of these boxes with higher visibility.


Cardboard Boxes With A Window

The trend of using window packaging is not limited to bakery items only. Several soap brands also prefer to use cardboard soap boxes with windows. These boxes provide them with enough margins to satisfy a customer with the soap aesthetics and aroma. Some of the brands prefer to cover the crafted window cut-out with a transparent PVC sheet. However, the rest of them love to use them without any such sheet and allow buyers a direct interaction with the soaps. It is the most effective packaging to start a soap business from home. A lovely window crafting experience would engage more customers and turn them into loyal buyers of your products. On the other hand, boxes with such a unique window also become more prominent than the market rivals, giving an edge for getting more sales.


Half Box Printed Packaging

Brands always try to do exciting things with their products and experiment to get maximum customer attention. Innovative and unique soap packaging ideas always work to deliver the maximum benefits in the minimum resources. Half-box printed packaging is one such type of box that is effective in generating sales. These boxes are popular because of their iconic structural style that covers half of the soap and exposes the rest of it to the buyers. These boxes are especially useful when a brand provides a type of soap in multiple colors and flavors. Display of all those soap types parallel to each other would make it easier for buyers to decide about one of them. Moreover, these kraft soap boxes are also printed with the brand and product detailing, which further eases customer purchasing.


Vintage Style Classic Packaging

Soaps are the most fundamental item to buy whenever someone buys groceries in retail stores. Most of the time, people of Generation Z and Millennial go to buy groceries in retail stores. People of generation Z are most attracted to the old-style product packaging. It is why vintage custom soap boxes have become another popular type of these boxes in the market. People love to recall their memories of old times when they used to go with their parents to buy groceries. This vintage-style packaging provokes their emotions and convinces them of their purchases. Hence, soap brands can grab more sales and customers with these unique boxes, deeply impacting customer emotions.

Circular Or Rectangular Boxes

Traditional packaging stuff is becoming a way of frustration for customers when it comes to retail stores. It is why brands nowadays try cardboard soap sleeves to influence their purchase decisions. People see several products there, all with marvelous styles. A product packaging with a traditional flip-top design can never grab the customer’s attention. However, another use of the unconventional packaging styles is a new addition that massively attracts customers in retail stores and eCommerce platforms. These unconventional boxes come in circular, rectangular, hexagonal, and other unique shapes. These types of unique boxes become a tool to attract consumers looking for some new kind of soaps for the events like baby showers. People can customize these boxes’ designs to make such events more special and memorable.

These attractive soap boxes are pretty adorable and effective in fascinating customers. A brand can win a new customer base with the help of these boxes. Moreover, it also aids them in making a distinctive identity in the market among several competitors. These boxes are also cheap to avail and affordable for soap businesses of any scale.


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