7 Best Tips to Heal a Fractured Bone Fast

7 Best Tips to Heal a Fractured Bone Fast

Have you got your bone broken?

Well, most of us have experienced a bone fracture at least once in our life. A childhood event or an unfortunate event, a bone fracture can be very painful to bear. There are different types of bone fractures.

As soon as you suffer from an injury there are signs indicating a broken bone. You might experience swelling and tenderness around injured areas. However, sometimes this can’t be very evident.

Once my brother got his arm bone fracture and didn’t get to know about it for days. After he was continuously complaining of pain, the doctor prescribed him a CT scan. The Ct scan test price in Pakistan was reasonable. After the scan dr revealed that one of his bones got fractured. Thankfully, the fracture was not serious but after knowing it dr started his treatment.

Let us know more about the fractured bones and how we can deal with them!

Bone Fracture 

A fracture is partial or complete breakage of the bone. There are many different types of fractures based on the extent of damage to the bone. 

There are the following types of bone fractures:

  • Closed fracture – the one without any opening in the skin
  • Open fracture – Fracture as a result of an injury that opens your skin
  • Complete fracture – Breaking of bone into two pieces
  • Displaced fracture – Formation of the gap at the point where the bone was broken
  • Partial fracture – Fracture that doesn’t goes all the way through the bone
  • Stress fracture – Crack in the bone

No matter what type of fracture it is, there are some common signs and symptoms of bone fracture that include:

  • Mobility problem
  • Bump or swelling in the injury area
  • Severe pain
  • Redness

No matter what your fracture type and how severe it is, some tips can help to recover the fracture. Want to know what you can do to heal a fracture fast? Read in the following section.

Tips to Heal Bone Fractures Fast

Here are some of the tips that can help to recover your bone fractures fast. These include:

1- Eat a healthy diet

A healthy diet can be your biggest help no matter if you are looking to prevent health trouble, dealing with certain medical conditions or looking to speed up your recovery. A healthy or nutritionally balanced diet provides you with all the required components that are required for your recovery.

Make sure to add components that have a role in supporting the body’s functions. Add more protein and healthy fats to your diet to promote healing in your body.

2- Exercise

Healing after a fracture depends upon an efficient supply of blood throughout your body. Well, exercises and physical activities can help you in this regard. These exercises and workouts keep your body active and boost the healing process by promoting the circulation of blood in your body. 

However, whenever choosing a physical activity make sure that this doesn’t affect the problematic area. Walking, aerobics and cycling can be some good exercises, to begin with. But make sure to ask your doctor before starting it.

3- Choose medicines wisely

Some medicines that you use for pain and inflammation relief can slow down the process of healing in your body. According to some studies, NSAIDs are known to interfere with the bone healing process which can slow down your fracture recovery.

So, make sure to not self-medicate yourself and stick to the treatment plan given by your doctor.

4-Try Supplements

Different supplements can play a huge role in promoting the healing process after bone fractures. These supplements contain the active ingredients that support your body’s existing healing functions. Some of the common supplements you can take include:

  • Protein supplement
  • Antioxidant supplement
  • Mineral supplement
  • Herbal supplement

5- Avoid smoking

Smoking not only wreaks havoc on your lung health. Yes, you heard me right. Smoking also affects the process of recovery after getting a fracture. So, yes if you are a smoker already, try to quit the habit because with smoking your fracture can take a longer time to heal.

6- Essential oils might help

There are many potential essential oil benefits to know and one of them is its role in healing broken bones. 

So, yes some of the essential oils such as cypress oil, and fir-needle oil are known to be helpful towards fracture recovery. However, it is not recommended to directly apply these oils to your skin. It is better to dilute these oils with carrier oils to prevent its side effects due to topical application.

7- Don’t experiment with the broken bone

You may have the urge to experiment with your broken bone. Make sure to be careful with the movement of bone and avoid moving it unnecessarily. This will minimize the chances of complications after a fracture. Be as gentle with it as you are if you want it to heal fast.

Bottom Line!

All these tips can help to boost the recovery of a fractured bone. However, with all these tips it is important to stick to your treatment plan. Further, don’t miss your routine visits to keep an eye on your healing progress.

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