A Pakistani national who crossed the border with the intention of killing Nupur Sharma was arrested: Police

Indian police have claimed to have arrested a Pakistani national who allegedly crossed the international border ‘to take action against Nupur Sharma’, a former spokesperson of India’s ruling Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP). Crossed. Explain that Nupur Sharma had made derogatory remarks against the Prophet of Islam in a TV program, leading to a diplomatic crisis in India. The local police announced this evening that the alleged Pakistani Citizen Rizwan Ashraf was arrested in the intervening night of July 16 and 17 from the Sriganganagar district of Rajasthan state.

According to the police, the name of the 24-year-old man’s father is Muhammad Ashraf, a resident of Kathial Sheikh, Pakistan. Ashraf was arrested by the Border Security Force of India and handed over to the local police. The local police have registered a case against him under laws like the Foreigners Act, the Passport Act, and the Arms Act. Speaking to the BBC, Sriganganagar Superintendent of Police Anand Sharma said that Ashraf was carrying two knives, and water. bottle, clothes, and ‘some religious literature’ were recovered. The police have formed a Joint Interrogation Cell (JIC) to interrogate them.

Sharma said that ‘he told in the interrogation that he is 8th pass, works as electricity, etc. and he was hurt by Nupur Sharma’s statement. That’s why he was coming to kill Nupur Sharma. Earlier, Indian investigative agencies had alleged that the accused who killed a tailor in Udaipur for writing a post about Nupur Sharma had links with Pakistan. . The police said that in 2014, the accused named Ghous Mohammad had gone to the Dawat-e-Islami office in Karachi. Sri Ganganagar police said that Ashraf has not yet said whether he crossed the border voluntarily or on someone’s request. Sharma said that ‘asked him that you know where she (Nupur Sharma) lives and where you want to go, but he did not know anything. He did not even know which districts in India are in which state. But he [thought] that fate would bring me.’Stories of mistakenly crossing the India-Pakistan border are common and sometimes mentally ill people also cross the border. According to the police, Ashraf was mental ill. are ok However, Sharma says, ‘He is like those people who are quite extreme.’ Explain that Nupur Sharma was a BJP spokesperson who made a derogatory comment against the Prophet of Islam in a TV channel debate. Which created an uproar in India and many Muslim countries and created a diplomatic crisis for India. After this commotion, the BJP suspended him from the party. Cases have been registered against him at various places across the country for hurting the religious sentiments of Muslims. He filed all these FIRs together in one court. I have approached the Supreme Court to bring According to ‘Live Law’, a portal reporting on matters related to courts and law while arguing on behalf of Nupur Sharma, her lawyer Maninder Singh told the Supreme Court this afternoon about ‘a person belonging to Pakistan’. “There has been some progress since the previous order [when the court last heard the matter],” he said. There are serious risks. There are reports of a person coming from Pakistan.

The police say that Ashraf’s interrogation by the JIC will continue for five days.

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