A Review of the Euro-Pro TO156 Extra Large Capacity 6 Slice Tandoor Oven

I recently tried the Euro-Pro TO156 extra large capacity 6 slice tandoor oven for a period of 4 weeks for the purpose of providing an in-depth review of this model. I put away my usual countertop oven for the duration of the review period to see how this unit performs with normal daily usage. Here is my review. 

This Euro-Pro tandoor oven will cost you about $55, with the shipping included. That is relatively cheap as far as tandoor ovens are concerned; expectations should be kept in line with the price. I removed the oven from its box and found it to have a bit of a flimsy feel to it. The unit is a glossy white. I will admit, this is not in keeping with my more modern sense of style. However, this tandoor oven would go quite well in a country kitchen or a more traditionally styled kitchen with white appliances. This model has dials rather than digital controls, further adding to a more old-fashioned type of look. 

I like to begin a review period by making toast. This tandoor oven is billed as a 6 slice unit yet only 4 slices of bread could fit easily inside without overlapping or crushing the bread. This is common with tandoor ovens; the manufacturers must base the slice sizing on much smaller pieces of bread than I am accustomed to. The dials are pretty straightforward and easy to use. The oven did get quite hot on the outside while it was on; this is standard on cheaper models. My toast was burnt on the bottom and virtually untoasted on the top. I am not impressed so far. 

I baked four mini meat loaves for dinner that night. It was very apparent that the heating is not only uneven from top to bottom, but also from front to back. I turned the tray around every 5 minutes or so to compensate for the latter, but I couldn’t very well flip the meat loaves over every 5 minutes. The result was four meat loaves with very crispy bottoms and not much browning on the top. They were edible, but not spectacular. 

In the days to come I developed a system to properly toast bread. I flipped the slices over and turned them around halfway through the toasting time. This got the job done but wasn’t exactly what I would call convenient. 

There are some items that can cook well in this tandoor oven. One night I made Frico (thin Parmesan crisps) and they turned out beautifully. However, anything over 1/8 inch thick tends to not fare as well unless it can be flipped. 

Overall, I believe the heat variations in this Euro-Pro model are too great to make this a worthwhile option. I will admit this was the first time I brought my usual tandoor oven out of storage during a review period. While I did still use the Euro-Pro tandoor oven often enough to fairly review it, I just wasn’t willing to ruin good food with it. 

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