Alisa Mizuki, the future “Alisa Mizuki” expressed in the past and present self linked by “Ali30” with new music

Alisa Mizuki, who made her debut with the single “Densetsu no Shoujo” in 1991, released an album “Ali30” to commemorate her 30th anniversary of artist activity. While playing an active role as a model and actor, music has always been at the center of such activities-a work where you can fully feel the music love of such an artist, Alisa Mizuki, what you have cultivated over 30 years of career, with a new generation All 15 songs, expressions that I haven’t tried before, are included in every corner of the work.

We approach her motivated attitude to aim for a better work, such as sticking to each song and the format of the album. (Editorial department)

11 A collection of songs that I can sing even when I’m 50 or 60

–Finally, her singer’s 30th anniversary album “Ali30” has been released.

Alisa Mizuki (hereinafter referred to as Mizuki): Thank you. This is the first album in 11 years, so all the fans are looking forward to it. I have also received comments on Instagram saying “I like this song”.

–By the way, which song is popular?

Mizuki: “Sagittarius” written by Novelbright is the lead song of the album, so many people call it a recommended song. Others are iron plates, but Tetsuya Komuro’s “TOO SHY SHY BOY! (TK SONG MAFIA MIX)”. Also, “mint leaf” is very popular.

— “mint leaf” is a song that is reminiscent of 90’s R & B, including sound images and chorus work.

Mizuki: Our generation is accustomed to listening to that sound, and when I listen to it now, it feels nostalgic, and it’s a very easy-to-follow song. On the contrary, I think the younger generation will get a new impression. Personally, I think it would be perfect if DJs could help liven up the venue at clubs and events.

–What kind of image did you have when making this album?

Alisa Mizuki

Mizuki: I thought about whether to narrow down the genre and make it, or decide on the taste and make it. However, I have never been particular about the genre while having Alisa Mizuki provide songs to a great number of people. I sing up-tempo and slow-tempo, and I’ve sung a wide range of genres from pop to dance music, so I was wondering if I didn’t have to be so particular about the genre. Alisa Mizuki I think it would be more interesting to have various songs in it, considering the exposure. We have collected “Songs that you want to express the current Alisa Mizuki” and “Songs that you want fans to listen to” regardless of taste. You really listened to dozens of songs! I listened to it so much that my ears got crazy (laughs).

— That’s the carefully selected album.

Mizuki: This time, I chose my favorite taste from a lot of songs, and finally it became one album. I didn’t understand it on the way, and sometimes I was like, “Hmm, maybe this is good! No, how about it?” (Laughs). I felt like I was on a journey in search of something new, while I was at a loss.

-It’s a production method that hasn’t come much.

Mizuki: That’s right. In the past, I often made an offer to an artist and told them a concrete image, “I want to have this kind of taste.” On the contrary, I’m really interested in how to make the current sound and how the artists will cut out and express Alisa Mizuki. I hadn’t really done much to choose from listening to dozens of songs, so in that sense, I was given a different approach.

— Mr. Soujiro Oki of Novelbright also said that he was enthusiastic because the order was “I want you to write freely”.

Mizuki: I asked Novelbright to give me an up-tempo “good song”! “, And they seemed to be quite surprised (laughs). Certainly, if you say “write a good song” straight, it will be “hard!”. But do you say it worked? I wanted you to write songs from a broad perspective without being bound by the framework, so I think the result was very good. In addition, I wanted BEGIN’s Masaru Shimabukuro, who wrote “ordinary miracle”, to write a song with a relaxed tempo, so I only made a rough request like “please slow tempo”. hand. As a result, in the long run, I think we have a collection of songs that I can sing even when I’m 50 or 60.

–What kind of impression did you have when you first heard “Sagittarius”?

Mizuki: Frankly, it’s a very good song. I thought it was a very gentle pop rock tune with a solid melody line that wouldn’t be too pop or rock even if a woman of my age sang it. However, when I sing it … it’s several times faster than I’m listening to! I felt that this is the current method of making. It’s fast, including how to put the lyrics and the tempo. I once asked “Why don’t you slow down the tempo a little?”, But he said “No, I want to go with this” (laughs).


-It’s amazing not to bend your will there.

Mizuki: In particular, I think there was an image that was clearly visible in Mr. Oki. It’s a mellow song, so I think it’s a good song for both medium tempo and slow tempo. That’s why, after all, if you don’t raise the tempo, you won’t get a refreshing rock tune, and this sprinting feeling wasn’t born. Now, I’m glad I didn’t slow down the tempo.

— After all, “Sagittarius” has a miraculous link with Mr. Mizuki.

Mizuki: That’s right! Because I was Sagittarius, I thought I chose “Sagittarius”, but I didn’t know my constellation at all. When I met him, I think he had the impression that he was going to be shot by this person (laughs). Maybe he felt something like the momentum peculiar to Sagittarius. However, I should have been able to use a different constellation just by accidentally becoming “Sagittarius”. However, Mr. Oki chose this title. When I think about it, it feels like a miracle … something fateful. It’s a combination with such works, and there have been many works that feel fate. That’s one of the pleasures of playing music.

— And the MV is also attractive. Up until now, the MV has a high narrative character, and there were many contents in which only Mr. Mizuki continued to be reflected. However, the MV for “Sagittarius” has many characters and the content has an unprecedented taste.

Mizuki: From the first time I listened to a song, I wanted to make it a movie-like music video with a high storyline. As you said, in my MV, there were a lot of videos in which I appeared, but this time I wanted to put in various situations and casts, not just me.

— That gave the work depth.

Mizuki: I thought about the story myself. If I look back on myself in the past, I will come out in front of me when I was a girl. Trying to make a work that links the past and the present. From there, the director suggested, “Let’s meet Mr. Mizuki, who is 14 years old, using the current AI technology,” and that video was made.-The scene where the girl Mizuki and the current Mizuki face each other at the end was very moving.

Mizuki: That’s interesting, isn’t it? It was a very strange feeling that I was 14 years old and was moving like that. When I’m shooting, I’m playing alongside a high school actress, but in the completed music video, I’m staring at myself. What an interesting video! What’s more, they ordered the costumes I really wore at that time, and the atmosphere was exactly like I was when I was 14 years old. Even during the shooting, my memory revived, saying, “By the way, I was doing this kind of fashion!” I am very happy to be able to create an epoch-making and new MV while having nostalgia for myself.

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