Apple hints at lower iPhone prices

Apple chief Tim Cook has hinted that the iPhone could be priced lower in some countries, given its declining sales.

According to the company’s latest financial analysis, revenue from the iPhone has declined by 15% compared to the previous financial quarter, while the iPhone is the company’s most profitable ‘product’.

Overall, the company’s revenue fell five percent from a year earlier, to about 84.3 billion.

This situation was expected earlier as the company had informed the investors earlier this month that the revenue would be less than expected and would be around 84 84 billion.

The company attributed the situation to the economic slowdown in China.

However, Tim Cook also said that customers are also facing difficulties due to the high prices charged by the company.

He said that due to the strength of the dollar against other currencies, their products are expensive in emerging economies and this is affecting the sales of these products in these markets.

Tim Cook said his company has been re-pricing its phones this month to protect consumers from the effects of currency fluctuations.

“We have taken steps in January for some products and some locations to absorb currency fluctuations compared to last year.”

According to Canalys, a company that analyzes market conditions, Apple’s problem is not limited to them, but also global smartphone shipments have dropped by five percent.

Face time controversy


The news comes after Apple admitted to a bug in its FaceTime software that caused the caller to be on the other side for a while, even if the call associated with FaceTime was not picked up. Can hear the person

In some cases, the video is played on the call recipient’s iPhone without their knowledge.

The company said that an update on the issue has been prepared and will be made available soon.

The Nine to Five Mac Blog website was the first to point out this problem. According to him, this problem occurs when both users are using Apple’s 12.1 or newer operating system.

Due to a glitch, the chat function in the group is turned on even though only two users are present on the call. The software turns on the recipient’s mic even when the call is not picked up.

After several hours, the voice from the other side keeps coming until the call is dropped.

Apple has said that the update will be released this week.

National Privacy Day


According to Nine to Five Mac, disconnecting or turning off the phone by pressing the button several times can be more costly for the user. Doing so will not only pass audio but also video to the calling user.

“We are aware of this issue and an update to this effect will be released later this week,” Apple said in a statement.

On social media, many concerned users, including Twitter’s chief executive Jack Dorsey, have suggested disabling the facetime function by going to the phone’s settings.

The issue was raised on the same day as the United States was celebrating National Privacy Day with the efforts of Apple CEO Tim Cook.

“On the day of data privacy, we should all push for reforms to protect privacy,” he wrote on Twitter.

“The dangers are real and the consequences cannot be ignored.”

Apple recently showcased its privacy at the Consumer Electronics Show in Las Vegas.

The company did not attend the event, but put up a billboard where the event was taking place, which read, “Everything that happens on your iPhone stays on your iPhone.”

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