Asma Shirazi column: Pakistan is not Sri Lanka

Asma Shirazi column: When do storms see which house is so dilapidated, nor do the storms take care of the weakness of the gates. When do the rains think of mud houses and why do the winds think of delicate canals? After all, the occupants of the house have to think of the wall, the windows, the doors have to be protected from rot and termites to avoid the seasons.Countries are stronger than the economy, now wars are fought not on borders but on the economic front. The superpowers, in order to balance their power and deal with the new world order, anticipate economic policies decades ago and formulate their own policies.Whether it’s Russia’s aggression in Ukraine or a war of interests in Yemen, Israel’s aggression on Palestine or persecution in Kashmir, it’s not a matter of ego or a war of honor, it’s all a game of domination that oppresses the weak. And makes the powerful feel proud.We don’t care what the world is trying to do for economic development because we are stuck or trapped in a series of issues that have as much to do with the real world as with dream interpretation, claims speech. And fulfillment of promises.Humans used to be the fuel of war and now fuel is the cause of war. The conflict between Ukraine and Russia has created uncertainty around the world, and not only fuel but also food shortages are looming. But the interesting thing is that the world is trying to get out of these problems.Oil is being sold even before petrol prices become cheaper in the world market. When gas was being bought cheaply, we were just looking at why the previous minister bought gas so expensive. Pakistan used to export wheat. When the wheat crisis came, it was said that we have bumper crop but flour is not available.
We continue to do the exact opposite of what the world has been doing or is doing, and now the result is that new allies are washing away old clothes and becoming unpopular because of unpopular decisions.Some opposition leaders are constantly saying that Pakistan is becoming Sri Lanka. Pakistan could have become Sri Lanka if the political parties had not kept politics at bay. Oil is available here even though the people’s oil is coming out, but if Pakistan did not have the foreign exchange to buy oil like Sri Lanka, now the situation would not be different from Sri Lanka.
Whether Pakistan has come out of this situation is also an important question. However, the present political government is failing to tell the people who conspired and tried to make Pakistan Sri Lanka, which is still going on. Why are they being targeted by the IMF despite the allegations of the ‘imported government’?It should have happened that after ‘regime change’ Pakistan would have been showered with gifts but it did not happen. What is the conspiracy behind this? However, the coalition and the informed establishment together are not able to respond to this statement at present.The only way to get Pakistan out of the economic crisis and strengthen the country is to look beyond the interests of the state beyond politics and the ‘state’ also needs decisions above politics.There is still a need for the realization that if politicians had not come forward in the economic crisis-ridden Pakistan, what would have been the situation today? In any case, the idols of the political sanctuary should know that statements only make sense on a full stomach, empty stomachs do not save anyone.

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