Biometric Recognition – Pathways to Change the Landscape of IDV Process

Biometric recognition

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Digital transformations are bringing improvements to the industry’s customer onboarding process. While businesses attract global users by offering a user-friendly experience, they are also making room for fraudsters. Simultaneously, industries are facing an increase in synthetic identity fraud, illegitimate onboarding, financial crimes, and other such threats. Ultimately,  the need for industries to develop biometric security systems is increasing.  


In this evolving era, document validation alone is no more enough, therefore, industries need to integrate biometric recognition. The AI-powered solutions verify customers by analyzing their discrete features. They also cross-check the user’s claim that they are present behind the screen. This way industries can automate the onboarding process while remotely verifying the customers. The blog sheds light on the reasons why digital businesses should employ biometric security solutions. 

Biometric ID Verification – Ideal Ways to Enhance Industries’ Operations 

Fraudsters are getting more sophisticated and employing advanced techniques to dodge the biometric ID verification process. They use fake credentials and documents to camouflage their identities. This helps them steer clear of the verification checks. Therefore, the fraudulent attempts are increasing the industries’ need for better biometric screening mechanisms. These technologically advanced solutions drive efficiency in industries. 


In order to differentiate between fraudsters and legit clients, biometric recognition checks are their profiting bet. They further elevate security, customer retention rate, legit onboarding, and database protection. This technology provides the following benefits to digitally growing industries.

Automates the Verification Process

Considering the fast-paced digital shift, manual identity verification is no more reliable as they involve a high rate of human errors. They also take a long time and consume additional operational costs. Therefore industries need efficient biometric security systems that identify imposters in minimal time. 


AI-powered services automate the customer onboarding process by verifying them in real-time. The biometric security solutions involve Machine Learning (ML) technology that analyzes huge datasets and is also capable of self-learning. Ultimately, industries can register global customers without having to wait for days.

Provide Remote Customer Identification 

Where industries are striving hard to enhance their digital onboarding process, fraudsters are employing strategies to go otherwise. They use different ways to manipulate the information of legit customers and register on digital platforms. This helps them slip through the biometric screening checks easily. Fortunately, businesses need to incorporate better solutions to further place fraud prevention measures. 


As Know Your Customer (KYC) guidelines mandate, industries should verify their customers prior to onboarding. This process provides authenticity checks on name, document, and address validation. For instance, the travel industry is using biometric passports, to verify passengers remotely and e-commerce provides a facial scan to complete a purchase.  

Effective Validation Scans  

Businesses’ reputation directly influences the client drop-off rate. The industry with increased chances of data breaches and other criminal risks is less likely to attain a huge user base. This is why industries require effective biometric recognition solutions to not only shield customers’ information but also sustain a better reputation. 


The biometric user authentication validates customers’ identities in real-time. This helps industries differentiate between legit clients and imposters. The AI-powered solutions are capable of accessing global databases which ensure accurate verification of remote customers as well. The digital biometric screening checks use mathematical algorithms to verify clients. For further accuracy, they identify imposters from other regions as well.

Easy to Integrate Services

While fraudsters are using advanced methods to carry out their malicious activities, biometric identity verification safeguards industries. These solutions verify customers by analyzing their biological and behavioral traits. Businesses using these checks can safeguard their records from unauthorized access, ultimately limiting data breaches. Biometric recognition improves data security, provides authentic checks, and ensures smooth onboarding ultimately leading to customer retention. 

Tough Identification Checks for Fraudsters

Fraudsters use digital methods to bypass biometric identity verification checks which grant them unauthorized access to platforms. According to CompariTech, identity fraud cases have seen a rise of 5.1%. This is why industries need to build efficient biometric recognition as defense systems against fraudsters. The AI and ML-driven services are cost-effective with strict checks to restrict criminals at the bay. Ultimately, industries can better perform identity verification during digital onboarding.  

Key Takeaways

Amid digital transformation, businesses are going completely online. However, it also raises their need for efficient identity verification mechanisms such as biometric recognition. Where fraudsters are using tools like 2D/3D masks, voice changers, and spoof attacks, industries require robust ID checks to turn the tables. Otherwise, digital industries will be close enough to face customer dropoff. Hence, biometric screening not only helps online businesses to retain their reputation but also onboard global customers. 

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