Build a Multi-service App With Gojek Clone

Are you looking for a guide that explains how to launch your own Gojek clone app? If so, you now have finally found the right resource! This blog covers all the important steps you must follow to develop and launch a successful on-demand multi-service app. 

But, before moving ahead, you should take a look at what makes this app so distinctive from others.  So, let’s start with learning what makes the Gojek-like app unique in the first place. 

What Makes a Gojek Clone App Different? 

Want to know what differentiates this on-demand multi-service app? Well, here is a long list of things that make it an appealing business solution. 

  • It offers modern features such as multiple credit card management, real-time location tracking, payment from an in-app wallet, and much more. 
  • The app provides an assortment of 101+ on-demand services like taxi booking, food delivery, parcel delivery, on-demand services, etc. 
  • The Gojek clone app is developed using the latest technology stack. 
  • The script can be white-labeled easily with your own branding. 

Now that it is clear that the app is meant to make your brand rank among the top-most successful businesses in 2023, let’s see how you can build it easily. 

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Build Your Own App in Just 1 Week 

Here are some of the most important steps you need to take to get your business up and running in just 1 week. 

Test the demo apps thoroughly! 

Only after using the demo app,  will you be able to evaluate if it will genuinely fit your business needs or not. 

So, request a free demo app trial from the white-labeling firm you will approach. Keep in mind that if they claim to be a “market leader”, they will never ask you to pay for the demo app trial. 

The trial will help you get a clear understanding of how the Gojek clone app works in a real-world setting. Additionally, you will be able to identify a suitable color theme for your application, and which language and payment gateway you want to add. 

Purchase the Gojek Clone app solution

The next step after deciding to buy the app is to discuss your app development requirements with the Project Manager. The Manager will explain all your questions about the important features, services, and anything you will like to ask them. 

The Manager will then prepare the Scope Document, which includes details of the deliverable and the complete breakdown of the package’s costs. After seeing the cost and finalizing the purchase, go ahead and buy it! 

You can choose to purchase the app by paying the full amount or opting for Payment Milestone. 

Review the developed apps 

According to your requirements, the white-labeling experts will develop the Gojek clone app. After finishing the app development, they will upload it to their development server. Now, you can review, test, and approve the apps accordingly!

It is only after you approve the apps, the team will move to the next stage, that is, app launch! 

Launch on app stores 

Your apps will subsequently be made available for download on the Apple App Store and Google Play Store. 

Apart from that, your website will be hosted on the server. Therefore, your customers can easily download and install the app. Plus, they will be able to book your services via the website as well. 

In Conclusion: 

It takes only a week to launch your Gojek clone app with your own branding! 

So, if you want to launch your own business easily and quickly, get in touch with a white-labeling firm. See that the firm is well-established and fits all your needs. 

As suggested, take the demo app trial before starting the on demand multiservice app development process.

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