Design ideas for solicitation badges

Design ideas for solicitation badges

With various name badge designs and features, finding the right badge for your next event is simple yet challenging. The right design is essential to suit the event’s theme and spirit, so name badges in Melbourne need to be well thought-out.

Metal Name Badges

If you’re looking for a way to identify your employees, promotional products are one of the best options. Metal name badges are available in a variety of styles and colors, so you can choose something that matches any office environment. These badges can be used as employee IDs or product markers at trade shows or conventions. Metal name badges have several advantages over other types of identification materials:

  • They last longer than plastic cards and other materials
  • They’re durable enough to survive being dropped on the ground or getting wet
  • They come across as a professional identification

Quality acrylic name badges

Acrylic name badges are a popular choice for many organizations because they’re also durable, long-lasting and available in a wide range of colors. Acrylic name badges can be engraved or printed on both sides, depending on your needs. They can be used as name tags or ID badges.

An acrylic name badge is an excellent way to showcase your company’s logo and branding while adding style to any event where you need identification badges for your employees or members.

Magnetic Name Badges

These are a great way to keep your name badge visible. They are easy to attach and remove, meaning that they can stay on during long days with lots of walking. Magnetic name badges can be worn on clothing, lanyards and more. They’re a great option for tradeshows and conferences where you’ll want your badge visible throughout the event. Magnetic name badges can also be printed in full colour.

Large Reusable labels

Labels are a good option for events and conferences that require an easy-to-read name badge. The large surface area allows you to add multiple lines of text and a detailed graphic, making it easy to identify colleagues or attendees at conferences or other events. If you’re looking for something more subtle, try the standard-size badges available in various colours and designs.

Low-cost plastic name badge

You will find that the cost of plastic name badges is generally less than $2.00 each, which makes them an affordable option for organisations looking to save money on their branded signage.

However, there are several things you should consider when making your decision on which badge design to choose:

  • Is the badge going to be worn by children? If so, you’ll want something durable enough that it won’t break easily if dropped or thrown into the dirt. This can make metal tags more expensive than plastic ones (though they may still be worth it).
  • What sort of material does your organisation produce? If it’s something like foodstuffs or electronics, metal badges might not be appropriate because they could come in contact with hazardous or toxic products.

Bespoke Name Badges

These are flexible and affordable ways to advertise your brand. You can choose the size, shape and material of your bespoke badge, as well as the position (front or back) and colour of your print. The options are endless!

Name badges are made from anodised aluminium or plastic, so you can create a badge that’s not only sturdy but also eye-catching. You’ll find a wide range of finishes, including gloss or matt finish, making your badge stand out. And to add another layer of attraction to your badge design, and given you have the money for it, you can also get an NFT for your brand’s badge.


Thus if you are on the lookout for name badges for your Melbourne event, you now know how to decide on the design. As mentioned before, it has to be well thought out and crystal clear.

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