Elegant Gold Bangles for the Beautiful You

Elegant Gold Bangles for the Beautiful You

Elegant Gold Bangles for the Beautiful You

Bangles are necessary for any Indian jewellery to be complete. There is no way to demonstrate their origins. However, the Mauryan Empire-era copper bangles found in Mahurjhari revealed their existence. A related find is the finding of gold bracelets only from the ancient city of Taxila. on all of the other goddess’s unearthed idols, you may see bracelets. The design of gold bracelets has significantly changed in the contemporary era to meet the preferences of today’s ladies.

The popularity of such gold bangles as actual wedding jewellery, particularly for brides, is one item that hasn’t altered. These jewelled bracelets showcase India’s diverse cultural heritage. Indian brides must wear the customary gold bangles in order for the ceremony to be considered authentic.

For legally married women in South India, the three most cherished pieces of jewellery are the mangalsutra, toe earrings, and gold bangles. Each of these objects’ ornamentation has a religious and scientific meaning. Green and gold bangles, which represent fertility and are often worn together, are frequently paired. There are several bangles in this vast collection as well from Vaibhav Jewellers that exhibit their skill in the craft. Consider again the Arangetram bangles, all of which were inspired by the elaborate jaali designs seen in Indian architecture, as a perfect example.

do you have any a special soft spot for objects from the past? We also have antique bangles if you’re searching for something authentically old-world. A piece of jewellery must have an ancient design again and be older than 100 years to be termed antique. Any outdated bangle design from 1920 or before is thus considered to be an authentic antique.

From a traditional gold bangle decorated with striking patterns to a straightforward antique gold Kada basic design for women embellished with little effort, you may find it everything in our collection. For your attractive wrist, choose from a remarkable variety of styles in our antique gold bangles. Some of the names include Polki, Gheru, temple complex, and Arangetram. The 22K gold setting is featured on these lovely antique bangles. Because of their precise originality, they are more substantial and pricey than typical jewellery.

Some ladies choose jewellery that combines expensive jewels and gold. Some of the most popular choices for these ladies are traditional western Ruby Bangles, oblong shaped Ruby Bangles, Cut working Gold Bangle with rubies and sapphires, Swirl Cluster Precious Ruby new gold Bangles, real classy Navaratna precious baby Stones Bangles, and Vintage Gemstone Bangles.

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As sophisticated handmade designs gain popularity, machine at work bangles are becoming more and more common. These bangles exhibit craftsmanship and lack of attention to detail. The 22KT Plain machine at work Fancy Bangles, 22KT Plain machine at work Bangles, and 22KT plain old Gold Machine-made Bangles are a few examples. You’ll no doubt pair these accessories with a lehenga, a sari, or even some jeans.

Because of their constantly evolving lives, women today are actually working in every industry and shattering glass ceilings everywhere. As a consequence, they have changed from being bulky gold bangles to lighter, more practical, and fashionable everyday products.

We believe your jewellery should serve the same purposes as your impeccable attire and active lifestyle. We create lightweight items with this in mind so that they won’t interfere with your work all the time or keep you awake on lengthy trips. With these simple, light-weight gold bangle designs, it’s time to pair with ease!

Your jewellery becomes less expensive as soon as its weight is decreased! even without compromising the product’s quality. Each piece of jewellery we sell is BIS hallmarked and comes with a certificate of authenticity, whether it is made of 18k or 22k gold. The price indicated in our catalogue for the many styles of inexpensive gold bracelets is both trendy and reasonable. Twist on left wrist Gold Bangles, long string of Stars, and Gleaming Leaf new gold Bangles are a few excellent choices. Look them up.

Last words:

To make an object stand out without going overboard, one may either use many tiny pieces or one or two large-sized ones, depending on the occasion. Gold is a necessary material for religious rituals and weddings in India.

As a consequence, during the festival & wedding seasons, Indian gold prices increase. As a consequence, your jewelry’s price may change. If so, you should first check the price of gold by clicking the Metal Rate icon in the website’s top right corner.

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