Features of this unique headphone


Introducing the world’s first headphones that will not only transmit sound from devices to ears, but also protect you from the harmful effects of polluted air.

Singapore-based company Dyson has introduced its first wearable product in the form of headphones, which includes noise cancellation as well as air purification system.

The bottom of the headphones also has a detachable part covering the face.


This part filters the air around you and delivers it to your nose, mouth and a little bit, just like you put a portable fan in the lower part of your face.

The headphones have been dubbed Zone Air Purifying, which seems to be part of a science fiction movie but has now become a reality.

Dyson, by the way, is well known for its vacuum cleaners and is now stepping into the field of wearable technology for the first time.

According to the company, these headphones are designed to address issues such as air quality and noise pollution in cities.

The company has been working on this headphone for 6 years and now it has been introduced.

But it will have to wait a few months to buy it as it will be available sometime in the last quarter of 2022.

According to the company, air pollution is a global problem and we are affected by it wherever we go, our homes, schools, offices or anywhere we are not protected.

Unlike the face mask, these headphones provide fresh air with standard filters and 2 air pumps.

The company said that after 6 years of hard work, we are excited to provide pure air and audio everywhere.

The company added that the air-filtered part does not touch the face like a face mask but is in front of it.

The statement added that a face-off system was necessary so that people would not feel dissatisfied.

According to the company, the device can detect up to 99% of contaminants up to 0.1 microns, such as dust, pollen and bacteria.

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