Five popular statements of Imran Khan from ‘Tabadili aa gayi hai’ to ‘Ghabrana nahi hai’

Five popular statements of Imran Khan from 'Tabadili aa gayi hai' to 'Ghabrana nahi hai'

Five popular statements of Imran Khan from ‘Tabadili aa gayi hai’ to ‘Ghabrana nahi hai’ Keep reading to know

Imran Khan, a former captain of the international team who made even his own mark in cricket, was famous all over the globe due to his beautiful game and flair, but his comments and style garnered equal renown in politics. Imran Khan made his mark in international cricket and became recognised all over the world.

Let us share only with you some of the remarkable remarks that Chairman of the Tehreek-e-Insaf Imran Khan has made in the past, statements that have been favourably received by both his supporters and admirers as well as his detractors.

Ghabrana nahi hai

Imran Khan, who is known throughout the world as an all-rounder now and as a former prime minister, came to power at a time when inflation was climbing higher and higher with each passing day. However, when he came to power during this time, he criticised the previous rulers and also strongly advised the people to be patient and understanding. And it was at this period that his saying “Ghabrana nahi hai” rose to unprecedented levels of popularity among both special and general publics.

This expression became so well-known that opposition politicians began using it in a satirical manner during their rallies and news conferences. At the same time, a film with the same kind of title was produced in the Lollywood film industry.

‘Diamonds are very cheap’

While the Tosha Khana court case against Imran Khan is being heard, his wife, Bushra Bibi, has been accused of allegedly stealing a diamond necklace as well from business tycoon Malik Riaz. The case against Imran Khan is now being heard.

On the other hand, when imran khan Khan was also questioned on this claim, he responded in a decisive manner, and his response quickly became widely shared on social media.

The journalist had questioned him about the allegations that his wife, Bushra Bibi, had stolen a diamond necklace as well from Malik Riaz, and he wanted to know what he thought about the allegations. The Chairman of the Tehreek-e-Insaf party had his customary grin and responded with the statement, “Diamonds are extremely cheap; speak about something costly.”

Absolutely not

The administration that preceded that of Imran Khan said that the United States had asked that Pakistan hand up military facilities and bases, but that Pakistan had refused to comply with the demand and stated “absolutely not.”

This story of Imran Khan was also immensely popular, and he reiterated this viewpoint in various meetings and events. He also claimed, after he was dismissed from his post in the government, that his cabinet had plotted to take the attitude of “Absolutely Not.” His regime was toppled from power.

I will become more dangerous by going to jail

The comment that “I am getting dangerous” was also much talked on social media, however as a result of this declaration, he had to suffer intense criticism from his competitors. When it actually comes to some of imran khan Khan’s famous utterances, the statement was also highly discussed on social media.

The rumour of Imran Khan’s arrest started to spread after the government was overthrown, and when the chairman of the PTI was questioned about this, he said that if I am jailed, I would become more dangerous. The news of such Imran Khan’s arrest and detention began to circulate after the government was overthrown.

Change is not coming; change is here.

And last but not least usually, how could we forget the most famous and long-standing declaration made by the head of the PTI? He once declared, “Change is not coming; change has arrived.”

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