Get Cashback by Easy Load on Easy Paisa

Get Cashback by Easy Load on Easy Paisa

Easy Paisa, Pakistan’s leading branch-less banking service and now a household name, is forever in pursuit of unconventional ideas. Revolving around a mission to relieve Pakistanis of traditional banking hassles, Easy Paisa campaigns have always been designed to make life easier for the average Pakistani.

Keeping this unique approach in mind, Easy Paisa has once again surprised its customers by introducing a commendable offer. For customers of all networks, Easy Paisa is offering additional benefits on signup and first recharge. Now, if you sign up for an easy paisa account and top up your mobile credit through easy paisa you will get 50+50 = 100% value for your money. How awesome is that!

Easy Paisa has been a leading way to recharge your mobile credit for over a decade. It is easy, fast and beneficial. With your Easy Paisa mobile app, you can now top up your credit anywhere, anytime within 2 minutes.

To encourage users to use this mode more often, Easy Paisa has thought of providing additional incentives in the mode. Every new customer who signs up on the Easy Paisa app instantly gets a voucher of Rs. 50 that they can redeem on any financial transaction. 100 or more, users also get Rs. 50 cashback!

Gone are the days when you had to buy a card, scratch it, and enter a series of numbers to top up your mobile credit. Let’s say you ditch the scratch card and opt for self-load through your online bank portal, we bet you’ll have to go through the tedious process of registering for that online bank account.

Or you know what’s worse: relying on someone else to run to the nearest self-load shop and make the transaction. With Easy Paisa’s smart app, you can not only recharge your phone credit from the comfort of your home but also get great value for your money.

As a fintech app that serves all types of customers, regardless of telecom network or banking partner, Easy Paisa and all its offerings are available to everyone. A user can link the app with their phone number and use it for all their mobile payments, bill payments and bank payments as well.

Such offerings, built around customer convenience, set Easy Paisa apart from the crowd and emerged as the choice of every Pakistani. With such offerings, Easy Paisa continues to grow and maintain its large and loyal customer base to lead Pakistan into a digital money revolution for a cashless ecosystem.

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