Gulshan-e-Hadid area of Karachi recorded more than 100 mm of rain


The Meteorological Department has released the statistics of rainfall in different parts of the city yesterday, according to which the highest rainfall was recorded in Gulshan-e-Hadid. The highest rainfall of 102.7 mm was recorded at Gulshan-e-Hadid. Besides, 53 mm was recorded at Old Airport, 46 mm at Faisal Base, and 38.8 mm at Jinnah Terminal. He said that 27.6 mm rain was recorded in University Road, 25.5 mm in Quaidabad, 20.4 mm in Nazimabad, 15 mm in Gadap, 10.5 mm in DHA, and 9.1 mm in Saadi Town, 16 mm in Masroor Base and 8 mm in Kemari. Elsewhere in the city, 7.2 mm of rain was recorded in Surjani Town, 6.6 mm in Gulshan-e-Maymar, 5.3 mm in North Karachi and 5.1 mm in Orangi Town. He also released the record of total rainfall recorded in the areas.
The city received the highest total rainfall of 184.7 mm in Gulshan-e-Hadid from July 3 to July 8. 144 mm in Surjani Town, 113 mm in PAF Faisal Base and 100.2 mm in North Karachi. Rainfall was 91.9 mm at Old Airport, 91.5 mm at Nazimabad, and 74.1 mm at PAF Masroor Base. Jamiat-ur-Rasheed (Gulshan-e-Maymar) received 65.2 mm, Saadi Town 60.6 mm, Kemari 49.6 mm, Gadap Town 47.8 mm, and Orangi Town 47.4 mm of rain.
On the other hand, on the direction of Administrator Karachi Barrister Murtaza Wahab, drainage work is underway in the low-lying areas. He said that water has been cleared from Shahra-e-Faisal in front of the airport and water is being drained from the low-lying areas with heavy machinery.
He said that he saluted the local body staff for their hard work, we have to appreciate the work of our workers, these people are sacrificing their peace day and night for the comfort of the citizens. Talking to V, he said that after the last spell of rain last night, he himself was on the ground to clear all the areas, all the areas were cleared, there was water in some places on Airport and University Road but this He also said that the latest spell of rain has started from South District today and it has had severe effects. Now the heavy rain has stopped but the drizzle continues. After which the relief work will start. On the indication of standing water on II Chandragar Road after rain today, the Administrator Karachi said that no amount of rain has fallen in the last eight to ten days but no water has accumulated on II Chandragar. Due to the intensity of the rain, the water stopped flowing. Now that it has stopped, we will start the drainage work, which I will monitor myself. Will cry
He said that the Meteorological Department had forecast more heavy rains in Karachi, Badin, and Thatta in the coming days and his prediction proved to be correct. Now as soon as the rains stop, relief work will be started. Murtaza Wahab appealed to the citizens not to leave their homes unnecessarily so as not to create problems of traffic jams as it affects the relief work. We are doing our best in this difficult time and whatever we do. Maybe it will be done.

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