Horrific murder by husband: ‘Body parts boiled in pot after killing wife’

In Karachi, a mother of six was killed, her body dismembered and her body was boiled in a pot. The family members said that the woman’s husband was involved in the incident. The incident took place in the kitchen of a private school building in Gulshan-e-Iqbal Block-4. The accused and the victim belonged to the Tori Bangash tribe of Para Chinar.

The body in the pot

Shams Alam, an ambulance driver from the Edhi Foundation, was the first to arrive at the scene. Shams Alam told the BBC that when he reached the kitchen in the school building, he saw a woman’s body inside the cauldron and the stove was burning, which stunned him. Edhi came out and reported the matter to the police. He said, “The woman was killed first and then she was burnt in a pot. There was a sheet next to the pot.” Which became like a human skin. In fact, the woman has been put in a pot and a sheet has been put on her so that the body would be melted by the steam which was almost disappearing because the bones of the feet and hands were without flesh. ‘Shams Alam said that’ the whole body was melted. The body was taken to the Civil Hospital along with the cauldron. Even then the cauldron was hot. I was the one who advised not to take the body out as it was rotten.

Dispute over relocation

The woman was identified as 37-year-old Nargis and a murder case has been filed against her husband Ashiq Hussain. Nargis’s brother Mushtaq Hussain has stated that his father had voluntarily married his sister Nargis to his cousin Ashiq Hussain 22 years ago and they have six children. Mushtaq Hussain told the BBC that He was on work when his brother Nasir told him on the phone at one o’clock in the afternoon that Nargis was killed by Ashiq Hussain. He reached home and reached the spot in a rickshaw with his family and brother. According to Mushtaq Hussain, his sister wanted him to stay in Pahlawan Goth while his husband was saying that he was poor. He is getting a salary of Rs. 14,000 but he cannot pay the rent there as there is Rs. 15,000 rent and Rs. 50,000 to Rs. 100,000 in advance. The owner wanted to sell the place. He told the lover to move to another place but his wife insisted that he move to Pahlawan Goth where his relatives. There is a tree on which there was inconsistency between the two.

Never seen such an event

Karachi’s alleged town police have registered a murder case against Nargis’ husband Ashiq Hussain, which also includes anti-terrorism provisions. The case will now be investigated by at least an inspector-level officer. Edhi Foundation driver Shams Alam says that he has been running an ambulance for the last 15 years. During this period, the human body was picked up in pieces, found in a dilapidated condition, but he has never seen such an incident before. Nargis’s mother was also present there and the children were also present when the daughter and mother were present in the form of corpses burnt in the pot. Just think what was going on in their hearts. The mother was exhausted. Her body was found in the area where she wanted to go alive.

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