How can essay writing be easier

 essay writing essay writing

If you want to challenge yourself and write an essay without any help, prepare for difficulties.

We want to help by providing working hacks. Apply some of the tips below for essay writing to make the most of your time and make writing easier. Read patiently and follow the advice of skilled writers.

Read the instructions

Determining the purpose of the writing and the basic needs of your teacher are important milestones in an easy and transparent writing process. Start by reading the manual which will explain you all the important points. Make sure you understand how to format and outline your essay and choose an interesting topic. Manuals usually list sources to consider. Pay attention to the recommended word count and desired tone of voice. If some points are missing or you find unclear, ask your teacher to explain everything step by step. It is always better to ask twice than rewrite a paper.

Choose the topic wisely.

One of the most effective ways to make the essay writing process easier is to choose an essay that inspires you. For example, if you are a fan of butterflies, you may not be as excited to write about dolphins. Instead, if you have a topic in mind and want to write about it, you’ll probably write a 10-page essay about red-list swallowtails. Your teacher will happily assign you a paper on a chosen topic. All you have to do is ask your teacher about writing on a preferred topic.

Gather information.

Once you have chosen an inspiring topic for your essay, you can reach one of the most responsible stages of the preparation process. Research is important because you must work hard to find reliable sources and explain basic information about your topic. To get the most out of the study, list at least five of the following categories of sources:


Magazines, scientific journals


Vlogs, blogs, and podcasts

the film


Data base.

Depending on the topic, one or the other type of source may predominate. You can add some unique references to the list that are relevant to your topic. Refer to the teacher’s manual and take some ideas from the list in the instructions.

State a thesis.

The main thesis is an essential element that helps to build your essay around itself and is a starting point for organizing your ideas logically. When creating a main thesis, be concise and make it no more than one to two sentences. For example, you should mention two subjects in one statement for compare and contrast subjects. If you are having trouble and cannot come up with a thesis statement yourself, ask a friend for help or contact your teacher.

Structure is important.

It is important to allow enough time for sketching. Even a formal essay that is one of the core essays should be structured properly. An outline is the ‘skeleton’ of a paper that allows the writer to ensure that each paragraph flows harmoniously into the next. If you want to create a proper logical structure of the paper, be sure to include at least three basic sections:

An introduction

The first part of the essay briefly explains the purpose and topic. By introducing the topic to the audience, you should engage and connect the readers. They want to proceed with reading your article. Add some appropriate elements to highlight your ideas and brighten up your text.


You need to divide the main body of your paper into at least three paragraphs. Each part of the body must explain a thought and lead to the next part to produce a new thought. Use linking words to make your text readable.

at the end

Any essay should be finalized effectively. A conclusion sums up all the main points. You should not include new ideas and unexpected twists at the end of an essay. You can add some ideas for future research on the topic.

Proofread patiently.

Finalize your work through effective editing. You should be prepared to spend at least an hour proofreading and polishing an essay. Pay attention to tone and tone of voice. Update if needed. Check facts and arguments. After you are satisfied with the content, move on to work on grammar and spelling. Reduce the repetition of words and add some connecting conjunctions if needed.

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