How to deal with dry lips

How to deal with dry lips

When the four seasons actually change, the air changes and becomes drier, which may cause your lips to become very dry and act as a trigger for cold sores. Although there is no cold sore or dry lips cure, hydration is the greatest dry lips therapy. Lip balms may temporarily relieve symptoms and stop moisture loss, but for moisturised and healthy lips, your lip care regimen should include other actions.

Here are six lip-care suggestions for healthy lips:


Although it may seem like it, licking your lips doesn’t really moisturise them; instead, it makes them more drier.


Some flavourings in lip balms tempt you to lick them, which causes dry lips. Eucalyptus, camphor, menthol, or alcohol-containing lip balms or lip moisturisers may actually make your lips feel drier. Lips are harmed by UV radiation, which may cause cold sore breakouts. For lip care and cold sore prevention, use a lip moisturiser with UV protection.


Our bodies contain up to 60% water, however as we become older, that percentage drops.

We continuously lose water as a result of sweat and other bodily functions. Numerous health advantages come from replenishing your water intake, including soft, smooth, attractive, and healthy-looking lips. It’s one of the greatest remedies for dry lips available.

  • Eat Healthy

A healthy diet is another way to improve general well-being and take care of your lips. Zinc is a crucial element for preserving moisture. You might consider taking a multivitamin or take supplements if your diet isn’t providing you with enough zinc. The best way to cure cold sores is to maintain a strong immune system with a balanced diet.


In the winter, many of us occupy homes and workplaces with forced air heating. Due to the low humidity, this sort of heat is extremely harsh on chapped lips. You may keep the air mostly around you moist by using a humidifier or having a mister at your desk, which will aid in moisturising your lips and preventing cold sores.


It’s possible that you are unaware of all the skin-drying substances and cosmetics that come into touch with your lips on a regular basis. For healthy, moisturised lips, integrate the following additional advice into your lip-care routine:

• When washing your hair, avoid letting shampoo go on your face.

• Try to choose hydrating products like lipstick and foundation since certain substances might irritate also very dry lips.

You may still get cold sores despite using the lip care advice above for a variety of reasons, including a compromised immune system, colds, flu, stress, or hormonal changes. Taking good care of your general health is the greatest approach to get rid of such cold sores etc and keep them at bay. You may assure healthy and lovely lips while preventing the causes of cold sores by including our advice into your lip care regimen.

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