How to Draw Ice Cream Very Easy Drawing For Kids | Tutorial

Very Easy Drawing For Kids When it comes to summer foods that keep you cool, it’s difficult to find a better snack than a delectable ice cream cone! There are many different forms, flavours, and types of these wonderful, frosty candies. Because there is so much room for creativity, learning how to draw an ice cream cone can be a lot more pleasant.

This article will teach you all you need to know to make your unique ice cream cone drawing. With this step-by-step instruction on how to draw an ice cream cone in straightforward steps, Very Easy Drawing For Kids, you’ll see how easy it can be and how much fun it can be! Ice cream cone drawing instructions!

Step By Step Very Easy Drawing For Kids


  • This drawing lesson for an ice cream cone will begin with the cone part of the equation. The first step will be considerably easier if you have a ruler to help you.
  • Simply draw two horizontal lines that converge at the little curved portion of the cone’s bottom.
  • This will act as the framework for your cone, and we will add a lot more information to it in the following parts, so let’s move forward.


  • Step two is to draw some ice cream on the cone.
  • It wouldn’t be an ice cream cone if there wasn’t any ice cream in the illustration! In the next stage, we will thus enhance the image in certain ways.
  • At the start, we’ll draw a curved, circular line over the cone and then add a huge dollop of ice cream to the top of it.
  • After drawing the top curved line, add four more curved lines below it to show how the ice cream extends over the plate’s edge.
  • Draw a slanted line across the top of the cone, just below the ice cream, to finish the cone’s top before continuing to step two.


  • At this point, begin enhancing the cone’s details.
  • In the previous phase of our instruction on how to draw an ice cream cone, we mentioned adding some detailing to the cone; consequently, we will accomplish so in this step.
  • As seen in the reference image, we will sketch a sequence of diagonal lines across the ice cream cone for this design. Additionally, the lines will be pretty close together.
  • You’ll be rewarded for perseverance after the design is finished, but this stage requires patience and a steady hand.


  • Complete the cone’s design.
  • Even if your drawing of an ice cream cone currently looks fantastic, there are still a few details to add before you can colour it.
  • We will complete the design of the cone itself for this section. Essentially, you will repeat the previous process, but this time in the opposite direction.
  • This will produce something resembling the cross-hatch pattern seen in the reference image.
  • This phase will also require patience, but the outcome will be fantastic!


  • At this point, you can finish up your ice cream cone drawing.
  • You can now complete the details in this phase of our tutorial on designing an ice cream cone since your ice cream cone is essentially finished and prepared for colouring.
  • This is the stage where, if you want to, you can add some of your own elements.
  • In our example, we used a series of dots to represent sprinkles and other toppings, but there are many more things you could do with this image.
  • You may visualise what your ideal ice cream cone would look like and depict it in your drawing.
  • You may garnish it with cherries or candy bits and draw a cool background for your ice cream cone.
  • What finishing touches and garnishes would you add to the ideal ice cream cone?

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