How to Install PUBG Mobile KR Version

PUBG Mobile; Today we are going to discuss something new due to the huge demand within online gaming which is trending nowadays. What we are going to talk about here is how to install PUBG Mobile KR version. This is a topic that mobile gamers want to know on a priority basis.

Although since its first release PUBGM game has changed the online gaming trend chart. It is the only war game that users want to play consistently. Various versions are added within the game after its first release.

The first version is Global and the second KR stands for Korean War Game. The global version is accessible to download and install globally. But KR is able to download within two countries which include Japan and Korea.

Yes, you heard that the Korea version is only accessible on the Japanese and Korean Play Store. But if your current location is not in Japan and Korea but in some other country. And still ready to download and install this version, then we have come up with a perfect solution for PUBG lovers.

What are the key features available to use within the KR version?

Although both global and Korean share the same features including maps and dashboards. But the Korean is slightly ahead of the global version. Not only in updates but also skins, different weapon mods, gifts and coins.

Can you believe it, even the coins have been replaced by Donkatsu medals. You can use these medals © © to open light crates. So from here, PUBG players can distinguish how unique and unusual this PUBG KR version is.

If this Korea PUBGM is only downloadable on Korea and Japan Google Play Store. Then how other lovers can take advantage of this opportunity. The solution to this problem is a bit confusing but still, you guys can download the latest version of KR Tracking from below.

How to Download Korean Version PUBG Mobile

However, there android users can download PUBG Mobile game Apk file with Korean version name. But we cannot assure about these platforms whether they provide original Apk or not. or android download, users can trust these websites.

But to help the user, this time we decided to provide the original Apk file on our website. To download the file, please click on the download link provided within the article or even you can search for PUBG KR in the search engine within your website. Once you click on the download link button, the Apk file will start downloading automatically. Go to the mobile internal storage section and open the download folder to find the original APK file. We hope you see your downloaded file at the top of the list.

Screenshots of PUBG Mobile Korean version
Screenshots of PUBG Mobile Korean version

How to Install PUBG Mobile Korean Version

Although the installation process of XAPK files is a bit complicated but following the following steps correctly can lead the user to an easy installation.

1. Find the XAPK files from the Mobile Internal Storage section that opens the Downloads folder.

2.Rename the file and install the zip instead of XAPK.

3.Now extract files using mobile file manager.

4.Click on the APP file to start the installation process by pushing the Install button.

5.Do not attempt to open the game once the installation process is complete.

6.Before opening the game, copy the OBB and data folder inside the zip file and replace it with the existing folders. Accessible within the internal storage section Android > OBB or Android > Data.

7.When you are able to convert folders correctly. In the next step, go to the mobile menu and launch PUBG Mobile Korea.

8.The game will ask for some permissions so allow it and remember not to use an already used main account.

9.And it ends here.


There is no major difference between PUBG Mobile Global and Korean version. The only differences are skins, costumes and coins. So if anyone is looking for the KR version then they can download it from our website.

During the installation and usage process, if anyone faces any problem, please feel free to contact us. And don’t forget to visit our website timely because we update app and game file regularly.

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