How to Set Up Android for Group Chat on iPhone

How to Set Up Android for Group Chat on iPhone

How to Set Up Android for Group Chat on iPhone

Adding Android to iPhone Group Chat: You might wish to invite your friends who own both Android and iPhones to your group chat. This is how:

  • Begin a new message or join an ongoing discussion.
  • Press the Plus button.
  • Type the contacts’ phone numbers or email addresses, then choose Done.
  • On your iPhone, launch the group chat in iMessage.
  • Press the I button in the screen’s upper-right corner.
  • Click “Add People” in the menu that displays.
  • Enter the individual’s name, phone number, or email address, then select “Add.” The person you selected will now be a part of the group chat on both their iPhone and Android device.

Is Android Group Chat compatible with the iPhone?

Because Android and iPhone have distinct operating systems, you cannot add Android to an iPhone group chat. iPhone users use iMessage, while Android users use Google Hangouts. However, you may create a group conversation that includes both Android and iPhone users using a third-party programme like WhatsApp.

Can Android phones participate in group chats on IMessage?

Yes, Android devices may participate in group iMessage chats. However, until an iPhone user sends them a message, they won’t be able to see the group chat. The owner of an iPhone must join the contact as a member of the group chat in order to add an Android phone to an iMessage conversation.

They ought to be able to send and receive messages in the iMessage group conversation after the Android phone has been added, exactly like everyone else.

Can Non-iPhone Users Be Added to Group Chat?

Non-iPhone users cannot be added to a large group chat on the iPhone. This is so that everyone who wants to utilise the group conversation function in iMessage may only have an iPhone with iMessage enabled. An iPhone group conversation cannot be joined by non-iPhone users.

Why am I unable to include an Android in a group chat?

If you’re having trouble adding an Android phone to a large group chat, you can try a few other things.First, confirm that the person you’re trying to add is using a messaging programme that is compatible. Second, make sure the app is updated and loaded on your phone.

A third option is to reset your phone. The person you’re attempting to add could not have a compatible device, or they might not have the most recent version of the app loaded if none of these solutions work.


You may have encountered situations in group chats when you couldn’t participate because you didn’t have the same messaging programme if you use an iPhone and have friends or family who use Android. Fortunately, even if they don’t use the same iPhone app as you, you can still invite Android users to your group chat. This is how:

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Get the textPlus app from the Google Play store and install it.

  • Sign up for a free account by entering your email address, password, or Facebook login information.
  • ¬†Tap the “Contacts” tab after logging in, then choose the “+” button to also add a new contact.
  • Tap “Add to Group” after entering your girlfriend’s phone number or email address (if they use textPlus).
  • You will be given the option to add the individual to an already existing group or create a new one. After selecting your preferred choice, give your organisation a name.
  • After the group has been formed, add your other contacts (including Android and iPhone users) by touching on their names and choosing “Invite to Group.” Regardless of the messaging programme they use, all group members may now view each other’s messages!

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