How to tell the difference between Apple and the fake Apple Pod

I have to admit that when Apple announced the first generation of its AirPods in 2016, consumers and companies changed the way they viewed headphones, and after the tremendous success of these wireless headphones, many people They started copying these headphones and selling them as original Apple headphones, but in reality they are headphones. Fake, and if you don’t want to fall into this trap or want to make sure you have the original Apple headset, follow the lines below and we’ll show you four ways to find out. And fake AirPods.


Headset box

Headset box

The scammer always focuses on the main product and doesn’t care about other things and this is fortunately where the counterfeit AirPod makers spend a lot of time copying a pair of headphones, but they Don’t spend too much time copying. So you can look closely at the box from the outside to make sure that the Apple headset is real or fake, and if the headset is real, the box should be white and white with the speaker icon above and It’s on On the side you will see the word AirPods and Apple logo and at the bottom there is some information about the headset which includes the serial number (we will talk about it in detail soon) and if the box has all these details Does not contain special Apple logo, then the headset is fake.

Charging case

Charging case

Often you can’t distinguish real AirPods from fake ones because they are very similar, and this makes it difficult to distinguish between them even if you put them side by side. Will help to find out the original.

Let’s start with the charging port, which must be of the lighting type and, if possible, contact it to verify that the light turns green during charging and if not, then of course the headphones are fake. , I also see the charging grip although the original charging case has a smaller and stronger grip, even when closing and opening the original charging case, it will easily feel the opposite of counterfeiting, which is not the case. ۔ The structure is the same and often you feel like it breaks when you open or close it.

Hint: Check the book by its title, even if the box is genuine, what is inside the box may be fake.

Low volume

Apple Pod Low volume

Most counterfeit AirPods are made from cheap and shoddy materials, and this means that they are often much lighter than the original Apple headset, which contains high quality materials, and Measure the size of the headset and compare its size. With weights listed on the official technical details page on the website. Of course, you won’t have to carry a scale when you buy a headset, but you can try an application that will scale the iPhone to digital scale, which is popular on the Apple Store.

Air pods

Air pods

Despite the similarities between real and fake things, there are some things that fake headphones can’t do like the real ones, like the original Apple earphones have a silver end and a microphone at the bottom and are often fake. Doesn’t happen so you will find color space. Silver is a simple white color with no holes.

Original air pods also have two small holes, one on the inside and the other on the outside. These holes are inserted into your ears as soon as you insert the headset to play the sound from the phone automatically. If the earphones are in your ears, and the ear detection feature is not enabled, then you will know that these headphones are not real but fake, it also has gestures on the ear pods iPhone Customization feature via the settings of, which may be present in fake headphones, but then it will not give you any ability to customize the gestures that are the set of default gestures available to you.


Serial Number

Real and fake headphones will be detected by serial number

How to differentiate between real and fake headphones by serial number which is not in fake headphones. You can use the unique serial numbers of your AirPods to determine if they are real or not for Apple’s website and enter the serial number, and if the number is incorrect or there is no number from the central number, it means The headset is fake and not real.

How to find the serial number

Through the headphone box, which contains some data, including the serial number, if it is not on the outer box of the headset, it is fake.

You will find the serial number inside the charging case, and if you do not find it, it is fake.

You can find the serial number on your supply or receipt that you received when you purchased your AirPods.

You can use the phone to find the serial number by assuming that you have paired the headphones first by going to Settings, then One Year, then Near and Last, click on Air Pods, and you There will be a set of information about the headset, including the serial number.

Lastly, if you are thinking of buying real AirPods, I advise you to go to a reputable store or seller, and also make sure that the headphones you have are original. Which we have applied above so that you do not pay more. Buy fake headphones, not real ones.


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