How to write Blog Title – How to write the title of the blog

How to write a blog title?

Friends! If you are a blogger and want to write SEO title for each post of your blog, then you must read this post (How to write a blog title?) till the end.

Looking at this title, you might think that writing a blog title is a very easy task, so why did I write an article about it? If such questions are coming to your mind and you are wondering, don’t think too much; Because I was also surprised when I saw this title in Google, but after reading this article till the end, I realized that there is a difference between writing a typical wall paper title and writing a blog title. Writing a title is not as easy as we thought. If you are also an essayist or blogger and you are wondering if this is a topic to write about, then read this article till the end.

Importance of the title

The title is a very important part of any article. It shows what the article is about. As the title itself suggests, this article focuses on writing titles. So let’s know how to write a blog title. The SEO title for the blog has to be written, in other words, the keyword has to be used in the title; Then our page gets good rank in Google search engine.

Before proceeding further let us know about keyword.

What is keyword called?

The words through which we and you search for something in Google or YouTube are called keywords. Now how do we know which keyword will be best for our blog post? For this, keyword research is done

Keyword Research

Curated research is a process in which we try to find out what keywords people use to search for articles related to our topic in search engines. The next question that comes to mind is how to research Cured? So let’s find out:

How to research a cure?

Let’s do it step by step:

Step-1 Know Your Readers/Customers

Know your readers. What is their age? Are you male or female? Write your essay with them in mind; As if you are talking to them.

Step-2 Customers/Readers Topic

That is, what do readers and your topic talk about? To find out, find a place where there are a lot of readers and they talk to each other like Facebook and WhatsApp etc. The advantage of this will be that you will know what part of your topic to write about now. And what do readers need most right now? For example, if you write problems, people will talk about Ramadan problems in the month of Ramadan. Such as issues of Taraweeh, Fasting etc.

Step-3 Generating Keyword Ideas

Now write down as many keywords as you can think of. Then see which keywords people will search for your article through. We will resort to Google to know this thing. Let’s see how we can take Google’s help in choosing the right keyword. Sometimes it happens that we have a question in our mind but we don’t know how to search it and in which words, so to eliminate this problem, Google advises us in a few places while writing the question and after the search, which are as follows:

Area-1 Google Search Suggestions

When we search for something in Google, Google gives us word suggestions as to which words to search for the related topic. And when we search for something, it also gives various suggestions regarding the keyword, which are as follows. Follow Google’s tips and guidelines below for writing SEO titles and headings in your blog. Now we will read “How to write a blog title?” First of all, find the keyword related to the topic you want to write about. As soon as you start typing that keyword into Google’s search box, Google will give you suggestions on what to type next. Google takes into account the search terms used by users to give you better advice. It looks at what words people are searching for this topic, then suggests those words to you.

Now the lesson here is to choose one of the same words for your title, which suits your topic perfectly.

Area-2 “People also search for”

When you search for something in Google, the words “People also search for” are written in the search result page. This is also a suggestion from Google that people have searched for a related topic through these words as well. You can choose any of these words that are perfect for your article for your blog post title.

Area-3 “Related searches”

The search results page also contains these words. These words are also similar to the words you searched for. This is also a suggestion from Google that other people have searched for the same topic you have searched for using those words.

Area-4 People also ask

You can choose any of them.

Area-5 Wikipedia

We also refer to Wikipedia to know about something. There are many keywords that are internally linked. You can choose any of them; But usually they are short tail cured; So it is better to choose long tail keyword. Just get information from here.

How to Write SEO Friendly Titles?

Choose an appropriate keyword for your article from any of the above locations, and make it the title of your blog post; So that your web page ranks quickly in Google’s search results. Writing the title using the same words is called SEO title writing.

Use the keyword you have chosen for your article in a few places on your page. The title has to be written, in addition to this, write this keyword in the description of the post. And write a couple of places in your post too. Also insert a heading by this word. This will let Google know that there is an article related to the same title. Do not use this keyword too much in your page, otherwise your page will be subject to keyword stuffing, and this is harmful for your blog. Google may process it.

How did you like our article? Be sure to comment. If you have any question, please ask. I will be happy to help you.

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