How Whatsapp Send Message To Number Without Saving

How Whatsapp Send Message To Number

How Whatsapp Send Message To Number Without Saving

Whatsapp Send Message To Number Without Save: WhatsApp messages require a mobile number; is that necessary? While saving mobile numbers is a good way to make things easier, you can even use WhatsApp without saving any mobile numbers. Stay tuned to the end for a guide on how to WhatsApp send messages to number without saving your number.

Whatsapp Send Message To Number Without Save

WhatsApp is used by everyone in the world today. However, some people you message don’t want their numbers saved. For more information on non-saving the number, ask someone or save the number. You can save mobile numbers without saving them when you learnhow to whatsapp send message to number without saving.

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Procedure Whatsapp Send Message To Number Without Saving

Message someone on WhatsApp without saving their mobile number in two simple ways. Here are step-by-step guides for both methods. I hope you find these methods helpful.

1 Using Web Browser

Using the Web browser is the first option. Next, you must follow the steps to message on WhatsApp without saving your mobile number to your account.

1 Open Web Browser

Start by opening your web browser on your phone or computer. Next, type in the Web search bar. Please enter your message in the field indicated by xx after 91 to send it to the indicated number.

2 Click on Green Button

The link opens when you click enter. Here, you will find two options: download WhatsApp or navigate to its screen. A green button with the word “continue chat” will appear there. It only takes a click to reach the green button.

Step 3: Type the Message and Send

A chat window will open when you click on the green button. Once you have typed your message, select the send option. It’s that easy. The goal of this tutorial is to teach you how you can use a Web browser to send a message to anyone without saving their WhatsApp number.

2 Using Siri Shortcut

This method is only available to Apple users. Siri makes Apple users’ lives easier. WhatsApp messages can be sent via Siri shortcuts. Sending WhatsApp messages without saving your mobile number is as simple as following these steps.

1 Open Apple Shortcut App

Switch on Apple Shortcuts on your iPhone by opening the app. A shortcut button will appear there. Click it to add a shortcut. Downloading the non-contact WhatsApp shortcut is the next step.

2 Look for the Choose recipient pop up

The non-contact shortcut can be tapped after installing it. When you click choose recipient, a pop-up will appear asking for the recipient’s number.

3 Enter the number

Please enter the recipient’s number and the country code in the Pick recipient section without saving it. Next, you can enter a person’s number to text in the Choose recipient section. Finally, click on the send option after typing any message.

Final Words

If you do not wish to use these methods, you can select the alternative step of sending the number to someone in your contact list and clicking on it. It gives you the option of texting or calling the person. However, this might upset the other person, so you should proceed with either of the two methods.

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