Huawei wins court battle against Samsung in China

Leading Chinese technology company Huawei has won a patent battle against South Korean rival Samsung.

A Chinese court in Quanzhou has ordered Samsung to pay  11.6 million to Huawei for unauthorized use of its smartphone technology.

It should be noted that these two companies have also filed cases against each other in other courts which are still pending.

However, the joy of Huawei’s victory faded when news of a ban on the sale of its products in the UK surfaced.

Chinese company Huawei launched a lawsuit against rival Samsung in May last year over its patent infringement.

Technology company Huawei said at the time that it intended to sue South Korean rival in two courts in California and Shenzhen.

Huawei has accused Samsung of using its technology in about 20 models of its phones and tablets without permission.


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Samsung, on the other hand, had also filed six cases of alleged patent infringement against Huawei last July, saying it had “tried to resolve the issue amicably”.

A Huawei spokesman told the BBC that “Huawei accepts the court’s decision in this case.”

The patent battle between the companies is nothing new, and Oracle and Google are awaiting the outcome of a similar lawsuit in a US court.

However, such incidents have been declining since the 2011 war between Apple and Samsung, as both companies had to reveal their secret ways of doing things.

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