If our mandate is stolen, the country will go to Sri Lanka, Imran Khan

Chairman of Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) and former Prime Minister Imran Khan has made it clear that if there is an attempt to steal our mandate tomorrow, the country will go to Sri Lanka and then no one will be able to control it. Video from activists in Lahore. In his address, Chairman PTI Imran Khan said that we fought the by-elections in 20 constituencies not only against these parties but against the administration, state machinery and the Election Commission. He said that the way the Election Commission conducted this election. He should be punished for this, he used every tactic to defeat us. He said that it usually happens that one party of the Election Commission is favored and works for them, but I have never seen such a thing. Election Commission did not see.

Imran Khan said that ‘This kind of corruption like Sikandar Sultan has never been seen by the Election Commissioner and it started with Daska by-election where the returning officer reported irregularities in 20 out of 400, he re-conducted the entire election’. Accusing the Election Commission, he said, “It seems that someone has committed a crime for the first time in Pakistan, he has lost us the election.” There is a difference of 50 votes, where the law says that when there are so few votes, a recount is done, the court said there should be a recount but it stopped it. Bar kept telling him but it didn’t work with us even once, then the elections in Karachi were postponed due to the forecast of rain. The big party, whose vote bank is all over Pakistan, is saying that this election commissioner is controversial, but if he does not trust him, then he should resign, get the votes of 4 million people and kill him. Diya, who is alive, should resign.” He said, “All kinds of rigging were done in the election and this Election Commissioner helped them in every way, the police threatened people, yet the nation and The way the women have come out, I pay tribute to them. Chairman PTI said that at this time, Asif Zardari, Shahbaz Sharif and Maulana Fazlur Rahman are all trying to decide the Chief Minister tomorrow in the Punjab Assembly. And PTI wants to become the chief minister but they are using this money and trying to buy our people for two days. The people’s mandate was being stolen in front of the nation, so no court came to help us. He said that now we have the majority but money is running in front of everyone, Asif Zardari and Shahbaz Sharif are those people. Imran Khan said that they have been saved, the shameful thing is that I kept saying it for three and a half years, but I was helpless, those who had the power killed them. He saved and did not allow accountability and there were cases that could not be saved but they were saved. He said that we were sitting helplessly, we had nothing in our hands. I used to put in and get out, we used to get insulted but we were helpless. They said that we don’t know who was stopping them and who was dealing with them, but we know that they have been returning to the country for the last 30 years. and they were saved and together they brought down our government’. Talking about the members of the provincial assembly, he said that ‘we are keeping them in the hotel because we are afraid that they will come out. They will make a case against them and put them in jail. He said that if they stole the people’s mandate by buying and selling with stolen money and thought that we are sheep and obeyed silently, then the nation And I am warning all the institutions that all our struggle has been between the constitution and we are walking between the law. I If our government comes, then it is in my mind and we have written the names of those officers who broke the law, oppressed women and children, we will not forget them.

Chairman PTI said that “If they think that they will do this by taking money, then this country will go to Sri Lanka, that stage came within Sri Lanka and then no one can control it”. He said that ” If they stole the people’s mandate, then I am not responsible because the people will not be under my control because this is an awakened nation, not understanding that the nation will sit quietly. It won’t happen, then Zardari and these people will hide. Today, the dollar has reached 250 rupees. Look at the situation in the country. The neutrals were told that if the conspiracy is allowed to succeed, no one will be able to manage your economy. Look at the situation in the country today’. The former prime minister said that ‘I am telling the entire nation today that tomorrow if they steal our mandate, I am telling everyone not to sit quietly’.

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