Importance of Spreading The Gospel

Believers and non-believers often question the importance of Spreading The Gospel to those who may never hear about Jesus and salvation. But what many don’t know is that, according to Matthew 28:18-20, “Jesus Christ gave his life as a ransom for many” and that everyone is guilty of sin. Knowing this, it becomes clear that everyone will have a relationship with God, whether they know it or not!

The gospel message, therefore, serves as the only way to point people towards eternal life

What Is The Need To Spread The Gospel?

1. One’s Salvation

Spreading The Gospel message is the only way to know their need for salvation and the only way to receive it. Without faith in Jesus Christ as Lord and Savior, a person will be separated from God forever in hell. However, if that same person believes in the Lord and then receives Him by committing their life to Him, they receive forgiveness of sins, assurance of heaven, and eternal life!

2. The Salvation of Others

The gospel message offers to rescue everyone from sin, the wage of which is death (Romans 6:23). For those who believe, Jesus offers salvation and the opportunity to be forgiven. He offers them eternal life–a better one that can’t be taken away!

3. For Evangelism

Everyone is a sinner, and regardless of how much someone may want to serve God, they will fail (Romans 3:23). The only way to be saved from sin is by believing the gospel. By Spreading The Gospel, those who receive it will be saved from their sins, and those who don’t will end up in hell.

4. To Help Others Find Christ

The gospel message is God’s plan to save as many people as possible from the destruction of their sins and hell. Jesus mentions our need to spread the gospel and make disciples (Matthew 28:16-17). In both cases, we can see that the gospel serves as a vital way to evangelize those around us for eternal life.

5. To Inform Others of What They Should Believe

While it’s entirely up to a person whether they want to accept the gospel, our goal as Christians is that everyone will see His truth and thereby come to salvation (1 Peter 3:18). While some may not even be aware of the gospel, we must share it with everyone!

Fundamental Forces Behind Spreading The Gospel

As mentioned above, believers and non-believers may question the importance of spreading the gospel. However, these four fundamental forces make it clear why this is so important–it is:

(1) God’s way of expressing His love for everyone without distinction

(2) our revelation that we are all sinners in need of salvation

(3) a vital way to save others from eternal damnation

(4) a vital way to connect others with Christ for eternal life and the assurance of a future with Him


Spreading The Gospel message is the best way to express God’s love for every person on earth. It also reveals that we’re all sinners in need of His forgiveness. What’s more, it allows us to help others find eternal life with Christ and offers the only protection from damnation!


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