Imran Khan addresses election rally in Layyah

Addressing an election rally in Layyah, Imran Khan told the Prime Minister that if you are really a senior servant, bring oil back to Rs 150 per liter today.

According to ARY News, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) chief and former prime minister Imran Khan, while making a mistake at an election rally in Layyah in connection with the Punjab by-elections, addressed Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif and said that if you are really the chief minister, then today. Bring oil back to Rs 150 per liter. Imran Khan said that we had reduced the price of electricity along with diesel and petrol by Rs 5, we not only kept the prices down but also gave health cards, 10 per family. He gave health insurance of Rs. 1 lakh, gave cheap loans to the youth, started a cheap housing scheme, our sense program raised the lower class which was appreciated by the world.

“We were in the IMF program for two and a half years. We did not raise prices. Oil prices were rising in the world. We saved people from inflation. We kept inflation at bay. It was a cheap country, but tell Shahbaz Sharif that now the price of oil in the world market has come down even less than in our time. I had a record production, I made a policy for the farmers, I made a law to get the farmers money from the sugar mafia, when the economy was moving forward, the government was overthrown by an external conspiracy. Imran Khan said that global inflation is high, oil prices were high, we Wheat and gas were needed. When I went to Russia, I talked to him about gas and wheat, but here they conspired with the United States. When our government was overthrown, remember that the greatest development took place in our time. According to the last 17 years, the most growth in the last 2 years. They did it with our upward economy. No matter what the enemy does, Pakistani remittances sent abroad are dwindling today. These people are taking the country to Sri Lanka. In Sri Lanka, people attacked the presidential palace. The Sri Lankan president tried to get out. So he was stopped at the airport. The ruler of Sri Lanka, Khan, was like Zardari and the Sharifs. They are also out of the house. Imran Khan said that this Prime Minister has become a beggar. Even if they bring it back, there will be no need to ask anyone, but these are the people who will sell the country’s ideology, honor and dignity for money. The former Prime Minister said that the nation has stood up against thieves, God willing, July 17. We will see, these thieves are on one side and few and the whole nation is on the other side, thieves cannot win by rigging so they will rig, you have to guard the polling stations, stand 10 brave youths at each polling station. Yes, our women have to guard the polling stations and to save the future of the country, we must never let these thieves win because these thieves have been imposed. And remember, young people, sisters, children have no future.

Imran Khan further said that I want to send a message to those who have power, these peaceful people are standing to save the country, not to harm it, if clean and transparent elections are not allowed, there is no doubt that the country will go to Sri Lanka and If the country moves towards Sri Lanka, then the game will be out of everyone’s hands. If anyone cares about the country, then hold transparent elections. Your first test will be on July 17. On that day, it will be known where the Pakistani people stand. ۔

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