Imran Khan demands immediate elections, resignation of Chief Election Commissioner

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Chairman Imran Khan once again demanded immediate elections in the country and the resignation of the Chief Election Commissioner. Addressing the nation, he said that the Chief Election Commissioner committed misconduct in the by-elections of Punjab, to defeat us. Every tactic was used. FIRs were registered, and threats were made by the police. We remember each and every one of the police officers who intervened. The former prime minister said that the Chief Election Commissioner has no qualifications. They tried their best to get it, Yusuf Raza Gilani’s son was caught giving money, and his pictures came but no action was taken, and all the decisions of the Election Commission were against Tehreek-e-Insaf. They said that we do not trust the Chief Election Commissioner. He is associated with a party, and the elections that were conducted in Sindh are also in front of everyone. He said that the economy of the country will be fine only when the politics will be fine. Once there is political stability in the country, we have enough capacity to improve the economy.

Imran Khan said that a nation is never formed without an ideology, an imported government was imposed on us under an external conspiracy, and the nation told us that we are not ready to be enslaved by anyone else. He said that when we nation If done, all problems will be solved. Now New Pakistan is going to be formed. I am seeing an awakening in this nation for the first time.

Imran Khan’s biggest surprise after Bhutto in political history

He said that elites have bought property in London, and politicians who love the country go for treatment, shopping, and Eid abroad. Imran Khan said that in the last 2 years of our era, the country’s growth and exports had increased and all the decimals were positive. were going, despite Corona, we had given record employment, agriculture was also on the right track, we gave money to the farmers, during our time the highest number of dollars were coming into the country, while our exports had increased by 75% in two years. said that when we used to say that there is global inflation, these people used to take out a long march, why don’t they take out for a long march today? We were giving interest-free loans to build houses. Imran Khan said that an artificial political crisis was created during our government and our government was overthrown by conspiracy. There is an open and shut case against Shehbaz Sharif in IA, the reason for the economic crisis today is the political crisis created by the youths. The crisis will not end, the economy will go down. The only solution to end the crisis in Pakistan is to hold transparent elections immediately.

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