Imran Riaz Khan arrested from Punjab, therefore Lahore High Court should be approached

The Chief Justice of Islamabad High Court, while dealing with the contempt of court petition against the arrest of anchor Imran Riaz Khan from the federal capital, said that he was arrested from Punjab, therefore the Lahore High Court should be approached.

While hearing the case, the Chief Justice of the Islamabad High Court remarked that each court has its own jurisdiction and the Lahore High Court can look into the matter. Does not become a jurisdiction. According to Nadeem Raza, a local journalist from Attock, the accused Imran Riaz Khan was handcuffed and produced in the local court. However, the accused’s lawyer told the court that the senior lawyer was currently in Islamabad. The High Court is busy so the hearing of this case should be adjourned for some time. The court granted the petition and directed the police to produce the accused in the court again at 2 pm.

It may be recalled that last night the police of Attock district of Punjab province had arrested anchor person Imran Riaz Khan while the Islamabad High Court had sought an explanation from IG Islamabad on the arrest of Imran Riaz.

“If the Lahore High Court says that the arrest was made from Islamabad, then bring the order to this court.”

During the hearing, Chief Justice Athar Minallah said that there was a report last night that Imran Riaz had been arrested from Punjab, to which Imran Riaz’s lawyer said, Are on Therefore, he was arrested from within the limits of Islamabad. ‚ÄĚDuring the hearing, the lawyer of anchor and journalist Imran Khan Riaz said that this court had given clear orders, which have been violated.

The court said that Islamabad police did not arrest Imran Riaz Khan but Punjab police arrested him. On which the lawyer of anchor Imran Riaz Khan told the court that Islamabad police is saying that the arrest was made from Punjab, we are saying. Yes, it happened from Islamabad.

Chief Justice Athar Minallah said that if the Lahore High Court says that the arrest was made from Islamabad, then that order will be brought before this court, we are not giving any observation in this case.Journalist and anchor Imran Riaz Khan’s lawyer said that a separate contempt of court petition has been filed in the Lahore High Court.

He told the court that the Lahore High Court was not informed about the FIR of the night and it was hidden. Police had registered 17 cases in the Lahore High Court.

It may be recalled that Punjab Law Minister Malik Ahmad Khan while confirming the arrest of Imran Riaz had said that he was arrested from Punjab on the basis of several cases registered in Punjab.It may be recalled that Imran Riaz Khan had approached the Islamabad High Court some time ago and obtained pre-arrest bail.

According to the BBC’s Shehzad Malik, when Imran Riaz Khan came to the Islamabad High Court for bail, he mentioned the cases registered in Attock, on which Chief Justice Islamabad High Court Athar Minallah had said that “Attock is not within the jurisdiction of this court (Islamabad High Court) so the Lahore High Court should be approached.”

According to the correspondent, even after the arrest of Imran Riaz on Tuesday night, his lawyers approached the Islamabad High Court last night and a contempt of court petition was filed in the High Court in which the Punjab and Islamabad police chiefs Has been made a party.

“It doesn’t matter if they shut me in, kill me.”

Before being arrested, Imran Riaz recorded a video in his car in which he said, “I was coming to Islamabad for my bail and these are exactly the limits of Islamabad from where I am being arrested.” ‘In the video, he claimed that “(Chief Justice Islamabad High Court) Athar Minallah has granted me bail and it is wrong to arrest me in such a situation.” I had to appear in his court tomorrow morning and seek extension of my bail from the Islamabad High Court.Imran Riaz further said, “It doesn’t matter if they lock me inside, kill me, do anything, it doesn’t matter, I think we should do our job.””I urge all the journalists who are out there to raise their voices, talk and do their job, don’t quit, you are going to be arrested with courage,” he said. They have fallen behind and are not allowed to speak for no reason.In a pre-recorded video released after his arrest, Imran Riaz Khan says, “If he doesn’t release me five hours from now, a video will be uploaded on my channel that will cause panic.” Will. ‘”Those who have taken action against me will know, I will name everyone. Of these agencies, of these institutions, and of the slaves who have done all this.It may be recalled that on Tuesday morning, a court in Lahore had also suspended orders to revoke Imran Riaz’s arms license and revoke his permission to keep a bullet-proof vehicle.

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) announces nationwide protest against the arrest of Imran Riaz

The Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) has announced a nationwide protest in front of press clubs on Wednesday against the arrest of the anchor. Several cases have been registered against him in different cities of the country on charges of ‘using derogatory language against institutions’ and ‘inciting the people against the forces of Pakistan’ based on videos of his personal YouTube channel. According to Khan, cases have been registered against him in two police stations of Attock district and on the basis of these, Attock police have arrested him. FIRs have been registered in Sargodha, Kala Bagh, Gujranwala, Jhang, Toba Tek Singh and several other cities.There is a strong reaction on social media regarding the arrest of Imran Riaz and various trends are also going on in this regard.Reacting to this, former Prime Minister Imran Khan said that he condemned the unjustified arrest of Imran Riaz by the Punjab police.He said that the country was being handed over to fascism to bring the nation before the imported government and it was time for everyone, especially the media, to unite and stand against this fascism.Former Information Minister and PTI leader Fawad Chaudhry said, “Today (former Prime Minister) Imran Khan spoke in detail about the ban on journalists in Pakistan and said that the fascist government in the country has raised critical voices against him. It will use third-rate tactics to suppress it.Fawad Chaudhry further said that PTI strongly condemns the arrest of Imran Riaz. Hopefully the courts will open and justice will be done.

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