IOS 16 code leaks iPhone 14 Pro display upgrade

Apple has introduced the first beta version of iOS 16, which encodes information regarding display upgrades for iPhone 14 Pro devices.

“There are numerous references that confirm that iOS 16 always includes display support,” said a report by tech news agency 9to5Mac.

It is worth noting that the official launch of the latest version of the operating system was always left on display.

“Within iOS 16, three new frameworks have been added that deal with the backlight management of iPhone displays,” the report said. “Backlight management is always an important aspect of enabling on-feature.

“Each of these frameworks always includes references to display capabilities.”

Furthermore, the report states that references should not always be misunderstood for on-display displays already available on watch devices.

In addition, the report says that references should not always be confused with the on-display in the Apple Watch. They are limited to components such as a lock screen.

“In addition, and in particular, there are always a number of on-display references inside the Springboard – which manages the iPhone’s lock screen (and home screen). The Apple Watch does not use a springboard, ”the report said.

It is worth mentioning that the iPhone 13 Pro models come with a display with a refresh rate of 10-120Hz while its successor has display features less than 1Hz. As a result, on-display will always be effective on devices.

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