Is car impound insurance worth it? Release my vehicle

Car impound insurance is a special insurance policy that can help your impounded car if it has been impounded by the police. You can buy insurance policies that can last for 30 days to annually. They must also cover you straight away so you can get your car released as early as possible.

What sort of benefits you will get from car impound insurance?

If your car has been impounded, you should have a minimum of 30 days of right car insurance to release the car. But sadly most standard car insurance policies will not cover you if your car is impounded as impounded car insurance is considered a high-risk industry so, you should buy this insurance to fill this gap.

What will be covered by car impound insurance?

There are typically two types of cover that a driver will get.

Short-term insurance

Temporary insurance or a 30-day insurance policy that covers you for 30 days and gives you enough time to release your car.

Annual insurance

This type of insurance policy will cover you for 1 year and help you in releasing your car from impound.

We will get to know why so many vehicles get impounded by the police.

Why do the police impound vehicles?

  • Parked on public roads
  • Illegally parking
  • Causing an obstruction
  • Involve in a crime
  • Stolen and found by the police
  • Involved in an accident
  • Being driven without a driving license or insurance
  • If someone else driving your car without a valid driving license

Get insurance for impounded cars from Release my vehicle

You can get the information by having the following information.

  • Personal information of drivers using insurance history, driving license, and any other information
  • Car information number
  • Policyholder information

What do you need to release your impounded car?

  • When the police impound your car on the roadside and they will give you an impound notice.
  • Proof of the car’s road tax
  • You should also have to provide proof of valid car insurance
  • Once the police have verified that all your documents are in place, they will provide you with a release notice that will help you in releasing your impounded car

Is impound car insurance worth it?

Yes, it is worth buying impound insurance. If you don’t have insurance, your car will be impounded. Other reasons are as

  • Unpaid road tax in the absence of statutory Off Road Notification (SORN)
  • If someone else is driving your car without a driving license

Can you get insurance for young drivers?

Impounded car insurance for young drivers can help you. Look for insurance providers who are experts in providing insurance for young drivers, this kind of insurance can act quickly to help you to release your car with a little fuss and help take some of the stress out of the tough situations. Many insurance companies give roadside help as a cover option which is wonderful as it can be a real lifesaver irrespective of how dependable your car is. Though it is not totally free, it will cost you additional each month.

Towed car for insurance coverage

Towed cars for insurance will cover the following.

If you can’t fix your vehicle on the roadside, you will be required to have it towed to a nearby mechanic. Most towing companies will tow your car up to a particular distance. You can still have your car towed if it is outside of the tower’s service range but it will cost you additional.

Car impounded for lack of insurance

The police and other authorities have the power to impound any car driven without a valid insurance policy or by a driver who does not have a proper driving license under the Road Traffic Act.

Can you get your car out of impound without insurance?

You should not only pay the impound fees, but you should also buy an insurance policy and show proof of insurance on the car

The following are typical guidelines for releasing a car from the police pound.

  • Get approval for your car release agreement
  • Collect your ID and proof that you are the registered owner
  • Provide proof of car insurance cover

While these steps are generally enough to release your car from the police pound, you must always check to see if there are any additional needs before proceeding.

Release my vehicle impound car insurance

Release my vehicle can protect you against the financial consequences of damage and accidents. You have got the option of buying third-party or comprehensive, fire, and theft insurance. 

The minimum level of car insurance needed to drive in the UK is third-party. Their comprehensive level also includes cover for car damage. So, it is worth shopping around for comprehensive insurance, third-party, fire and theft, and third-party cover are not always less expensive.

Impounded car insurance gives the cover required to have a car retrieved from the police pound. If you need to get your car out of impound, you will be required to show proof that has been insured for a minimum of 30 days. You can get at least 30 days of cover you need easily and quickly with impounded car insurance.

Can you get insurance while your car is in the pound?

Many insurance companies allow you to shop for an insurance policy, purchase it, and download ID cards online in a few minutes. So if you need to release your car from the police pound, you can buy insurance quickly.


Driving without car insurance can have severe consequences, so always ensure you are covered legally. If you are caught driving a car while you were not insured, you can face serious penalties. You will get fixed penalty points for driving without insurance and also receive points on your driving license which suggests your insurance costs will be high.

We have been working in the UK to provide drivers with impounded car insurance. Our UK-based call centers are always open to help you. So, if your car is in the pound, contact us and we will try to help you in retrieving your car from impound.

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