Is it Worth Choosing a UAE Dedicated Server Over a VPS?

For your website, there are many choices for choosing a suitable web host. Depending on your business website needs and requirements. You can select either a VPS (Virtual Private Server) or a dedicated server when hosting your website. As an alternative to shared hosting, a virtual private server, or VPS, is a great option to start with. There are almost similarities between both the Servers except a VPS Server gives more control and power. 

But when you require total control over the server then the best option is to choose a Dedicated Server in UAE. A UAE Dedicated Server gives full control over the server. As for your website requirements you can install any software and application, there is no boundation involve. 

In this article, we will discuss in detail How a Dedicated Server is better than VPS Server. 

A Brief Introduction About Dedicated Server UAE 

A Dedicated Server is that type of server which is completely dedicated to a single user or Client who has total control over an entire Server. In the Dedicated Server hosting UAE, there is no sharing of Server Resources with any other so there are fewer chances that your website data and information are leaked to any third party. 

A UAE Dedicated Server gives more security to the websites. When you choose a Dedicated Server then your website is fully protected from hackers. 

Also, a UAE Dedicated Server protected your websites from malware, viruses, and DDOS Attacks.

However, a Dedicated Server handles a lot of traffic easily. If you started a sale to attract new users then in addition during the sales time your websites receive a lot of users to handle additional users a UAE Dedicated Server is best.  

VPS Server or Dedicated Server: Which is better? 

1. Resource Allocation 

In simplest terms, resource allocation is like ordering a pizza. In VPS Server you are all sharing the resources –  including all the slices, sides, drinks, and dips. In case you need it extra, there’s always a chance someone may leave you some, but it’s not a guarantee.

In the UAE Dedicated Server, you have your own pizza. It could be a small, medium, or a large deal depending on How much you need, but either way, it’s all yours. You have to pay more but in return, you get 100 % resources. 

Dedicated Servers vs VPS Server – Resources allocation: Verdict 

Obvious a Dedicated server is a winner because all the resources are given to a single client only and with someone you cannot share your resources. 

2. Security 

When we talk about security a VPS Server gives security but there are chances that your website’s information and data are shared with any third party. This server cannot give a 100% guarantee. Whereas a Dedicated Server in UAE gives a 100% guarantee that your website information and data are cannot share with anyone. 

Furthermore, a Dedicated Server protected your website from malware, Viruses, and DDOS Attacks. 

Additionally, you can install security apps to protect the website.  

Dedicated Server vs VPS Server – Security: Verdict 

Obvious a Dedicated Server is a winner because they give more security to the websites as compared to VPS servers. 

3. For High Traffic Volume 

A VPS Server handles only a medium amount of traffic. During sales time there is tough for a VPS Server to handle an extra volume of traffic whereas a Best Dedicated Server Hosting in UAE  has the capability to handle more traffic also during the sales time your website receives a lot of new visitors at this time also they can easily handle. 

Dedicated Server vs VPS Server – High Traffic: Verdict 

Obvious a Dedicated severe is a winner for a High Traffic website this server handles whatever amount of traffic that your site receives. 

4. Configuration 

There is one aspect of dedicated servers that really stands out: configuration flexibility. Since you are its only user, you have near-total control over everything – including the core software and hardware – and can do pretty much anything you want with it. Whereas in the VPS Server you do have not total control over the server also in addition you cannot install any software and hardware that your website needs. 

Dedicated Server vs VPS Server – Configuration: Verdict 

Obvious a Dedicated Server is a winner over a VPS Server. 

Hostbillo – A Best Dedicated Server Hosting Provider in UAE 

Hostbillo - A Best Dedicated Server Hosting Provider in UAE

Hostbillo is a reputed and trusted Web Hosting Provider in UAE. On the internet when you search for the provider of web hosting you can see many results but the best provider is one who can take care of her Customers and gives 24*7 Technical Support. Hostbillo is one of them. 

With UAE Dedicated Server Plans Hostbillo gives 24*7 Technical Support. At any time or at any day if any customers face a technical problem then they can Contact a Hostbillo highly responsive team to solve the issue. As much as possible they are trying to solve the problem. 

Hostbillo gives many benefits with its UAE Dedicated Server Plans such as:- 

  1. 99.90% Uptime Guarantee
  2. SSH Root Access
  3. Data Center Choice
  4. 24/7 Instant Technical Support
  5. 7 Days Credit-Back Guarantee
  6. Zero Downtime FREE Migration
  7. Operating System Choices 
  8. Extendable SSDs & RAM 
  9. DDOS Protection 
  10. Free SSL Certificate
  11. Robust Bandwidth 


Ater readout the article I think you get an answer a Dedicated Server is best over a VPS. let’s recall why Dedicated Server is the best. The reasons behind a Dedicated Server is best than a VPS are:- 

  • Server Management 
  • Scalbability 
  • High security 
  • Administrative Access and Server Configuration
  • High Availability

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