Long distance love Trust first!

Long distance love Trust first!

The problem of how to deal with and maintain a long-distance relationship has always put many couples to the test. The origins of these sentimental relationships can be of various types , from transfers dictated by work needs to those implemented as a result of study trips or simply because the two people met on vacation or online.

But this is an era in which the problem of physical distance has been overcome by various technological tools that allow us to perceive a sort of closeness even towards those who are thousands of kilometers away from us.

The fact is that despite the various reasons that may be at the base, such a relationship needs a great commitment to remain solid and not let the problems caused by the distance affect the progress of the relationship.

Today King of Hearts has decided to offer you some advice to face such a difficult situation with more peace of mind.

Don’t repress your emotions

Even more than in normal relationships, clarity in expressing what you feel and what you want is fundamental in long-distance relationships. In fact, it cannot be expected that the partner, miles away, understands feelings and needs left implicit.

Keep in touch constantly

It doesn’t have to be a morbid relationship, but surely the constancy in making one’s presence felt, precisely because it is not physical, is important to continuously remind the partner that he is in your thoughts and at the same time make sure you stay in his.

Do not exaggerate with jealousy

To cultivate a relationship like this, there must be great trust at the base of everything. If this is missing, dealing with your partner’s insecurities will be very difficult. Also, don’t compete with people who, unlike you, have opportunities to be close to your partner.

Talk about the future

Setting goals to achieve together, talking about future events, making long-term plans will make your story more concrete and real.

Don’t live with anxiety about being left behind

The fear that your partner will get bored with the situation and dump you overnight is plausible but it shouldn’t become an obsession. If one of the two has difficulty coping with the separation, the other will have to reassure the most fragile part of the couple.

For today, the advice ends here, but we don’t exclude the possibility of addressing the subject in the future as well. We conclude with one last suggestion, perhaps a little obvious but very important: live intensely and know how to make good use of the opportunities for meeting you have.

You will see that distance will no longer be such a big problem!

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