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Google has shown that it supports long-form content. Aside from backlinks and social shares, there are many reasons why Google favors long-form content for search rankings. We can tell that long-form content dominates short content based on Google’s RankBrain system, which uses machine learning to filter search results and understand search queries.

The third major ranking factor on Google, RankBrain, affects many areas of search.

While RankBrain’s primary goal is to help Google understand what people mean when they type in a search query, it also plays into something more important: user intent.

User Delight.

In other words, when users click on a SERP (search engine results page), Google decides whether the content of the page satisfies them or not.

Google analyzes this using a number of indicators, most of which relate to content length.

Dwell Time Dwell time is how long users stay on your site.

This informs Google that your website (or a particular page on it) is worth visiting and providing users with what they want.

A short dwell time tells Google that your page is either irrelevant or terrible.

It then modifies future search rankings accordingly. Long stay times…

It is true! More text.


Organic CTR is an important ranking indicator in RankBrain. CTR measures how many clicks a page gets compared to how many impressions (the number of times it is seen in SERP searches).

Google uses CTR data to gauge a page’s user appeal.

For example: If a page on your website gets 3,000 impressions but only ten clicks, you have a problem.

Because your page doesn’t adequately answer a user’s search query, Google will likely lower your page’s ranking.

CTR is determined by elements that have good meta titles and meta descriptions and are relevant to what users are searching for.

That is: quality title and description tags usually outperform unsuitable content in terms of CTR.

That’s fine, but how does the content format fit in here?

As stated earlier, people want great, original content that is useful and keeps them from searching for comparable resources.

Title and description tags on SERPs convey the content on the page while enticing users to click on a search result.


With title and description tags that emphasize its usefulness, conciseness, and value, longer content leads to higher CTRs, better search rankings, and more eyes on your content. More exposure equals more shares, backlinks, and dwell time.

See it’s all connected!

Importance Long Form Content Marketing Perth – Opportunity

Your potential clients or customers (and Google) love long-form content, but content marketing seems to be lagging behind.

Only 18% of company blogs are 750 words or longer. Not even close to the length of typical front page content.

So what do you say?

Perhaps that’s because 60% of content marketers think creating great content is their biggest marketing challenge.

This sounds like a great opportunity for content marketers to apply what they learned here (hint hint):

Google rewards extended form content based on user value.

Your long form content should be good.

Content length is part of the solution, but not the whole. Content length enables many elements that help people and search engines define quality content: AAW SEO companies are not about keyword stuffing. Making your website look (and act) like an early 2000s Frankensite and targeting meaningless keywords.

Efficacy and


Stay time

Descriptive title

Content marketers can increase social shares, backlinks, and overall search rankings by incorporating these best content aspects into long-form content pieces related to your industry.

A consumer of casual content will eventually have the attention span of a gnat if they are constantly exposed to short, limited content. What Perth business wouldn’t do this traffic?

Your business can benefit from increased user engagement, higher search results, and brand visibility if your digital marketing agency in Perth provides them with something unique.

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