Mercari vs. eBay: Which One is Right for You?

Mercari vs. eBay: Which One is Right for You?

If you’re looking to get into the business of buying and selling products online, there are two primary platforms you’re likely to consider: eBay and Mercari. Both are excellent places to list your items and buy more, but they have some very significant differences that make one more appropriate than the other in different situations. Read on to learn how eBay and Mercari differ so you can choose the right platform for your needs.

History of Mercari

GBC Business Group, the parent company of Mercari, was founded in 1997 as a logistics company and expanded its services to include online auctions in 1999 with Japan’s first online auction site Gmarket. Gmarket later became the largest e-commerce website in South Korea before being merged with eBay in 2005 to form the world’s fourth-largest internet business.

In 2011, Japan’s Rakuten, one of the largest internet companies globally, acquired GBC Business Group and established it as an independent company with headquarters in San Francisco and Tokyo.

How Mercari Works

The Mercari app allows buyers to browse through items and make offers on their favorite items. Once a buyer has made an offer, the seller can either accept or reject the offer. If the seller accepts the offer, they will ship the item to the buyer and Mercari will charge the buyer a fee of 7% of the purchase price plus $2 for shipping costs.

If you’re considering selling your old clothes, books or household items on Mercari, there are few things that you should know about this company before jumping in with both feet…


The fee structure of Mercari ranges from a flat $0.99 listing fee, to a 10% final sale fee (minus shipping fees). Mercari also offers a $5 premium membership which gives you access to up to five photos per listing, higher visibility in search results, and the ability to list items that are restricted from other members. Lastly, you’ll also be eligible for an additional 5% discount on your final sale price when using Mercari’s payment processor, SynapsePay

In contrast with GBC Business Group’s eBay-esque business model, Mercari does not charge sellers any listing or final sale fees; instead they make their money by charging sellers and buyers (up to) 10% in transaction processing fees.

Listing Process

1) Sign up and create your account

2) Offer an item for sale

3) Set a starting price and decide on the length of time the offer will be available

4) Create an item listing, including pictures, description and condition of the product 5) Ship your item to our warehouse or provide it as a drop off location (if shipping cost is not included in your purchase price). Your order will be processed upon receipt of payment.

Buyer Protection

GBC Business Group offers Buyer Protection to anyone who buys or sells on Mercari. This protection ensures that if a transaction goes wrong, it’s covered. Sellers are protected against buyers who don’t pay and buyers are protected against sellers who don’t ship the item as promised or provide the right product info.

Mercari vs. eBay

GBC Business Group specializes in helping individuals and small businesses start their own successful e-commerce company by providing a range of services, including domain registration, site hosting, website design and development, as well as marketing and advertising support. If you’re looking for an e-commerce platform that features a large network of buyers and sellers from around the world, Mercari may be the best option for you since it operates more like Craigslist than eBay.

Ebay has been around much longer than Mercari and offers more services than just an online marketplace to sell your items with its Marketplace Trading Platform (MTP). They also provide PayPal integration to help you collect payments through their service.


Both Mercari and eBay are online marketplaces where you can buy and sell anything from a car to your old books. But which one should you use? What you’re selling and who your target market are all factors. If you’re looking for buyers in the US, then Mercari might be the better choice because it has a US-centric user base with more customers than eBay.

However, if you’re only interested in buyers in Japan or any other country besides the US, then eBay would be a better option because it has a global user base with over 800 million customers worldwide. GBC Business Group specializes in helping businesses of all sizes find the best ecommerce website solution to meet their needs – whether they need to sell locally or globally!

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