Mixhubb Vs Zuddl : Which One Is The Better Option?

In this highly competitive era, where everyone is trying to provide best-in-class services, it becomes very difficult to select any particular platform. With versatile options to choose from, we have two popular choices when it comes to hosting events online. Mixhubb and Zuddl, both of these platforms are well known for their efficiency in delivering quality services for hosting events like virtual exhibitions, webinars, live broadcast studios, and others. Let’s start with a quick introduction to virtual events and their rising importance.

Virtual Events: Importance And Benefits 


  • Virtual events are made keeping in mind the needs and requirements of the current audience and event sponsors. Each and every event serves different purposes. For example webinars for branding and promotions, and virtual exhibitions for showcasing what you’ve got with you.
  • Virtual events provide all the services with ease of convenience for the audience. With just an active internet connection and a compatible device, you can join the meeting easily. 
  • It offers global audience coverage which was not possible while hosting virtual events. In addition to this, with lots of features for enhancing audience engagement in virtual events.


  • You will save a lot of money if you don’t have to pay for the rental of the venue or the sound system, for example. You will also save money if you don’t have to pay for the coffee break, guest accommodations and tickets, supplies for the event day, and other requirements.
  • The fact that you may save so much time is another advantage of virtual events. Yours, your group’s, and everyone present’s. Although setting up the platform and the website for a virtual event takes some time, it takes less time than setting up for a face-to-face event.


Platform Description 

A self-managed online event platform called Mixhubb aims to increase audience engagement. Additionally, the platform offers a wide range of virtual events of different sizes. The main characteristic that sets this platform apart from its rivals is its ability to be customized. Because Mixhubb is completely adjustable, you may customize any aspect of your event using its simple-to-use interface.

Numerous well-known companies, such as Hitachi, Times Of India, FireFox, ISRO, and others, have confidence in Mixhubb. In terms of functionality, this platform is often used to hold social webinar sessions, award presentations, online video conferences, summits, and much more.

Platform Features 

  • On this platform, you can design your lobby. Simply come up with a concept for engaging your audience, and they’ll assist you in giving it form. Additionally, you may design editable landing pages that will serve as the public face of your event prior to the scheduled day. 
  • Similar to this, its robust analytics tool made it easier than ever to measure event performance.  The “Virtual Mic,” a novel element, is provided to attendees so they can communicate with the presenters.
  • It offers the capability of one-on-one demonstrations in an entirely individualized setting. Additionally, this platform works to make sure that the audience is appropriately informed about the venue layout.
  • Additionally, their team gives you the option to hold a practice event before the real thing happens. Additionally, this will enable you to gauge the event’s overall impact. This platform offers a variety of interactive networking capabilities, including video calls, group chats, and AI matchmaking. These characteristics will suffice to host your event successfully.


Platform Description 

One of the favorite options for the audience is the all-inclusive event platform Zuddl. Additionally, the platform has the ability to host events with up to 100,000 guests. The Zuddl’s virtual arena frequently links many groups, businesses, and other networking elements. Because of this platform’s extensive worldwide reach, participants can communicate with one another from anywhere in the world.

Platform Features 

  • This platform also offers capabilities like badge printing and lead retrieval to optimize your in-person experience.
  • When developing plans for digital marketing, Zuddl’s involvement is important. During the sessions, there are live polling options for recording audience responses in real-time. Workshops are useful for teaching purposes in addition to this.
  • Zuddl is renowned for holding a variety of events, including hybrid events, internal events, and tradeshows. Additionally, the platform offers an event marketing experience along with editable landing pages.
  • This platform’s physical venue arrangement is well-known. It offers those services that are advantageous for both on-site and online audiences. However, there are certain restrictions, such as not supporting all languages and the API.

Let’s Conclude 

The platform is the face of your event, or, to put it another way, it may make or break it. When attending an event these days, the audience searches for the utmost level of comfort. Finding an online exhibition platform that efficiently satisfies all of your criteria is quite crucial. Additionally, to host an online event, the services you select offer interactive features like exhibition booths, chat rooms, etc. to keep visitors interested for a long time.

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