Municipal and by-elections in Sindh postponed

Local body elections in Sindh and by-elections of Constituency NA 245 postponed due to bad weather

The Election Commission has postponed the second phase of the Sindh Municipal Elections due to possible rains and bad weather. An important meeting of the Election Commission was held today, which was chaired by the Chief Election Commissioner Sikandar Sultan Raja. In addition to the members of the Election Commission, the Secretary of the Election Commission and other senior officers participated in the meeting. In the meeting, the Election Commission reviewed the requests from the various candidates and the public, in which the losses due to the recent rains, the current weather conditions from the Election Commission. And Muharram Al Haram by-election NA Constituency 245. Karachi East which was to be held on August 27, 2022 and the second phase of municipal elections which were to be held on July 24, 2022 were requested to be held after Muharram. Before considering these requests, Provincial Election Commissioner Sindh and Meteorological Department A report was called from. The Meteorological Department has predicted rains on the above mentioned days. Further, the Provincial Election Commissioner said in his report that due to the recent rains, possible damage to the means of transport, polling station buildings, delivery of polling materials, difficulty in voting by the people due to rains and other administrative issues. Considering the issues, the date of polling should be postponed and appropriate dates should be announced after Muharram. The Election Commission, considering all the above facts, decided that the polling of the second phase of local government elections should be held on July 24 instead. It will be held on 28th August 2022. While the by-election for Constituency NA 245 Karachi East which was supposed to be held on 27th July 2022 will now be held on 21st August 2022. This decision was taken for the convenience of voters, candidates and the improvement of administrative affairs so that more More voters can exercise their right to vote.

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