Online dating create a flirty profile


With the advent of smartphones and tablets, dating applications have become increasingly popular. Are you shy, afraid to approach the opposite sex, but are you constantly looking for the perfect accomplice? Don’t worry, the solution is in the name. This was revealed by a study by the London School of Medicine and the University of North Texas, published in the pages of the journal Evidence Based Medicine.


The researchers’ goal was to be able to understand what are the key elements for transforming a conversation on an online dating site into a real date. Scholars have analyzed the existing scientific literature in psychology, sociology, computer science, cognitive science and neuroscience on the subject of attraction and persuasion and have come to some assessments.


The most important element for an account is the right Nickname, it all depends on the first letter, which should be part of the first half of the alphabet. The researchers explain that this characteristic for some reason was linked to various attractive traits such as a better educational qualification or higher earnings. For women, the right name should be linked to physical appearance, so names like Blondie or Sweety are privileged, while men prefer names that show intelligence and culture like Smart or Clever.


Immediately after choosing the name, the choice of photos is of fundamental importance, which should show a sincere smile accompanied by a touch of aggression. Avoid photos that show you in ridiculous or embarrassing situations. The photo follows, the insertion of content, that is, a presentation written in clear and simple language that talks about you rather than describing the characteristics of the perfect partner. The last element that the researchers consider relevant is humor : a few nice direct jokes are much better than saying “I’m a guy who loves humour”.


By following these little tips we should all be able to recreate an effective profile, which allows us to look like, not be, good people. We must therefore take courage and challenge the fear of socializing with the opposite sex, an often stupid and non-existent fear conditioned by beauty standards that complicate life even in the simplest situation of relating to someone.



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