Pakistani YouTubers with Most Subscribers in 2023

YouTube is an emerging world-renowned platform for uploading videos and creating vlogs. People can access YouTube from any part of the world. YouTube is used by millions of users and everyone wants to upload their videos and share their thoughts.

Pakistan also has a strong YouTube community. There are numerous well-known Pakistani YouTubers who upload a wide range of content on YouTube and get lots of subscribers and likes. Here is the list of the top 10 Pakistani YouTubers, according to their number of subscribers calculated by City Book.

Pakistani YouTubers with Most Subscribers:

Find out the Pakistani YouTubers with Most Subscribers in 2023.

1, Haider TV: Amazing Content

Haider Ali is a famous Pakistani YouTuber with 5.17M subscribers and currently living in Dubai. In 2015, Haider TV started its “Haider TV” YouTube channel. Haider Ali creates amazing content that explores everyday life, oddities of the world, historical events, science and miracles, and other informative videos. He is renowned for being the fastest YouTuber from Pakistan to reach 1 million subscribers. He is earning around PKR 5,000,000 per month from content creation. Haider

2. Memoona Muslima: Health and beauty tips

Memoona Muslima is a well-known YouTube channel created by Amina Hussain that belongs to Lahore. He is a talented Pakistani YouTuber who has grown exponentially in just three years of professional work. She joined YouTube in 2016, then in 2018 she created her professional channel. She creates vlogs about household management, Health care tips, and beauty tricks. Amina Hussain also runs her own cosmetics brand named Glo.

3. Mubashir Saddique: Village Food Secrets

Mubasher Siddique is a 36-year-old food blogger who runs the Community Food Secrets YouTube channel where he highlights the simple lifestyle prevalent in his village. His videos are unique in that he cooks various dishes in his home with simple wooden and handcrafted tools. More interestingly, he grows his own vegetables and tells his viewers how rural people use primitive cooking methods while sharing popular traditional dishes. He is one of the best YouTubers with the most subscribers in Pakistan. Find out best restaurants in lahore for traditional dishes.

4. Qasim Ali Shah: Motivational Speaker

Qasim Ali Shah is one of the most popular Pakistani YouTubers with the most subscribers. He is a Pakistani academic, author, motivational speaker, and television host. He is known for his work in the fields of education and personal development and has written various books on topics including leadership, communication, and success. Qasim Ali Shah is considered a prominent figure in Pakistani communities around the world, and his work has received much acclaim. He has hosted television shows and delivered public lectures on various topics including education, personal development, and professional development.

5. Asad Memon:

Asad Memon Pakistani YouTubers with Most Subscribers in 2023. He has a professional, simple and unique cooking channel named Food Fusion where he uploads delicious dishes on YouTube. He is popular on Pakistani YouTubers and Facebook, where people flock to try his recipes. Asad Memon started his channel to teach people how to make different recipes step by step while watching videos. His show focuses on Pakistani cuisine and the preparation of various traditional dishes.

6. P 4 Pakao:

P 4 Pakao is a Pakistani entertaining television show hosted by Nadir Ali. It is Pakistan’s most watched YouTube channel for the past three years. Nader Ali started his channel in 2016 and quickly reached 4 million subscribers. Now it has millions of followers on YouTube and Facebook. His show is a mix of sketches, stand-up comedy, and other comedy elements. P4 Pakao now serves as a platform for entertainment whose pranks and jokes are trolled all over the internet

7. Ducky Bhai:

Saad ur Rehman, known as Ducky Bhai is another popular Pakistan YouTuber in the Comedy genre. He mainly uploads short comedy skits and humorous PUBG gaming videos on his YouTube channel which are highly entertaining and fan favorites. He is also known for prank calls and other videos that contain witty and offbeat humorous remarks. He also uploads roast videos that first catapulted him to fame on YouTube. He is also doing events on youtube.

8. Kitchen With Amna:

Kitchen With Amna’ is a Pakistani cooking show hosted by a chef named Amna. Amina Riaz is a popular female YouTuber from Pakistan who received the first YouTube Gold Play Button. In her show, she highlights cooking skills as well as delicious, easy-to-make recipes. She started her YouTube channel in 2016 where she uploads multi foods videos to help many people, both men, and women, to prepare perfect meals for their families and friends.

9. Zaid Ali TVlogs:

Zaid Ali is one of the Pakistan’s well-known YouTubers with 3.53M subscribers on YouTube. He is a renowned Pakistani blogger who creates funny content like jokes, memes, reaction videos, and drama. In his videos, he acts as a variety of characters. Additionally, he creates critical videos about the happenings in our everyday lives and how we behave under various circumstances. He uploads entertaining, mimic, and family-friendly content.

10. Ijaz Ansari Food Secrets:

Ijaz Ansari Food Secrets is another renowned cooking YouTube channel with 4.81M subscribers in Pakistan. This channel is created by Ijaz in 2019 where he shares traditional cooking videos with easy and delicious recipes. Each video usually includes a detailed recipe for a specific dish as well as tips and techniques for successful cooking.

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