Prime Minister orders launch of ‘Life Saving’ training program across the country

Prime Minister Shahbaz Sharif has directed the concerned authorities to initiate a national level initiative to provide life saving training to the people especially the youth in order to save precious lives.

According to the Dawn report, Salman Sufi, head of the Prime Minister’s Strategic Reforms Unit (SRU) program, instructed the officials of each province, educational institutions and concerned circles to make arrangements to provide training to the people so that they can handle emergencies. To help them with drowning, burns, heart attacks, fractures and other critical situations.

The government will also take steps to restore the culture of first aid skills, scouting and national camping school training in educational institutions.

Talking to Dawn about the initiative, Salman Sufi quoted the Holy Prophet (PBUH) as saying that “saving one’s life means saving humanity” and said that the main objective of the program was to conduct cardiopulmonary resuscitation (CRI) across the country. PR) to start training.

“The Prime Minister has directed me to immediately launch a nationwide CPR training campaign,” he said.

Salman Sufi further said that nationwide CPR training is the first in a series of initiatives to develop the health sector.

He said that some other trainings for dealing with burn victims, injured in road accidents, broken bones and other emergency issues would also be part of the program.

He said a comprehensive strategy for training programs would be announced next week.

“CPR is a life-saving technique and is helpful in various emergencies, such as a heart attack or drowning, in case someone stops breathing or stops beating,” he said. This technique saved countless lives in a world where emergency medical care was not available.

He said that CPR training would also be made a part of school curriculum and the Prime Minister of Pakistan had assured merit in the field of health, provision of world class quality education and creation of health facilities in Punjab.

Cardiopulmonary resuscitation is a widely used life-saving technique in case of cardiac arrest outside the hospital.

International research shows that CPR-trained passers-by increase the return rate and life-saving rate of unconscious people.

He said that the recent viral video of a couple from Multan, in which a doctor and her husband rescued a drowning boy by giving him CPR, also highlighted the importance of CPR. Evidence speaks for itself.

Salman Sufi said that it is likely that the government along with various civil society organizations, media and other important stakeholders will turn this initiative into a national movement which will help save millions of lives in remote areas.

Salman Sufi further said that the Prime Minister has ensured merit, world standard of medical education and establishment of hospitals in Punjab province.

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