10 Best Hacks to Quickly Write Your Masters Dissertation

Every Master’s student comes across with Masters Dissertation in his senior MS year. However, writing Masters Dissertation is one heck of a task. If you are waiting to write your Masters Dissertation until your research work is complete, you are making a great mistake. Because in the end, there is a lot of pressure to complete the research work, and there needs to be more time to complete your dissertation. It will cause you to write under pressure, and you will end up compromising the quality of your dissertation.

This article presents the 10 best hacks students should follow to complete their dissertations quickly.

Best hacks for writing Masters Dissertation:

Set a goal (make your mind)

The first thing that you need to do to get your Masters Dissertation done quickly is that you have to make up your mind. You have to convince yourself that if you don’t do your work as soon as possible, you will have to deal with immense pressure afterwards. When your MS program is about to complete, and you get your Masters Dissertation deadline, the pressure you feel is out of the world. As a result, it becomes impossible to produce quality dissertations under such tension.

However, setting an early goal will help you to complete your dissertation early. If you set your mind on that “I am going to start writing my Masters Dissertation early” or “I am going to write 500-1000 words daily, ” you can rest assured that you will get your dissertation done in no time.

Make time to write your dissertation daily.

Set aside time from your daily schedule to write your dissertation. It would help if you spend an hour daily writing the dissertation. If you make it your routine to write 500 words an hour daily, believe it, you can see that you have done a lot in a limited time. Over time, you will get into workflow and be able to write 1000 or more words daily.

But writing in routine doesn’t mean you have to compromise your health. It would help if you also take a break when you are exhausted or tired. Taking a break refreshes your mind, and you can resume writing your dissertation. It will help you to put into words the things that are roaming in your mind.

State your dissertation objectives

The first thing to do in writing Masters Dissertation is to write the study aims and objectives. If you are aware of what you want to do in your dissertation and what you expect from the results, it will help you to develop a good dissertation design.

Initiate with whatever data you have

You don’t have to plan everything in detail about what you want to write in your dissertation. It will take a lot of time if you wait to do everything you have in your mind. Instead, you should see what you have already done until now and start writing about it. You can always add and arrange data after completing it.

Refrain from relying on other group members.

Although you can get your masters dissertation help from the co-authors or other group members; however, you don’t need to rely on them to get your work done. It will only delay your work, and you will see that more needs to be done in your dissertation.

Therefore, there is no need to wait till your research work is complete.

Most students start writing their dissertations once their experimental work is done. However, they are making a grave mistake. Your experimental work requires time to be completed. So, students waiting for their practical work to finish suddenly realize that the deadline is ahead and they have yet to write a single word. It will complicate the situation and affect their work quality.

Get done with the literature review first.

A literature review is the most time taking chapter in the Masters Dissertation. Because you have to search for previous studies related to your study, a great deal of time is needed. Therefore, the first thing you need to do after your dissertation topic is finalized is the literature review. It will help you understand the key concepts related o your study and will aid in completing your dissertation early.

Focus on writing content instead of editing

The main thing you should focus on while writing Masters Dissertation is producing content. While writing the dissertation, keep your focus from wandering around other things like rectifying your grammar or spelling mistakes.

It is essential that to edit your text to maintain the quality of your dissertation; however, while writing your dissertation, the major focus is on producing content, not editing it. Because otherwise, it will divert your focus and delay completing your dissertation.

No need to write dissertation chapters in order

Most MS students start writing their Masters Dissertation from the first chapter. However, there are better ways to get it done. Writing the abstract at first will create confusion, as you have yet to know your research problem and study goals. The abstract is an overall summary of your dissertation and should be done at the end. Similarly, starting with the introduction is unnecessary; you can search the literature and write it down. You can also write the methodology side by side with your research work. Through this, you can get your dissertation done in no time.

Keep an eye on your progress.

Finally, check your progress and see how much you have written in your Masters Dissertation. You will feel a sense of accomplishment. Also, to get your dissertation done quickly, you should reward yourself with a day off or enjoy yourself with your friends.


Writing Masters Dissertation is not a joke, and with the pressure you feel at the end stages of your research, it is advised to complete as much of your dissertation quickly as possible. There is always a room for improvement, and proofreading your dissertation will help you mark your mistakes. You can always add and edit your text once you have finished writing Masters Dissertation.

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