Ratings of the Top 380 Pistol Reviews for 2023

Ratings of the Top 380 Pistol Reviews for 2023

380 Pistol Reviews for 2023 ?

People are taking self-defense more seriously, and why shouldn’t they? There are stories about people being assaulted without cause, houses being broken into, pointless killings, and unrest everywhere you turn.

You already know why you’re here if you’re reading this. So let’s get started.

Interesting Alternatives for Pistols Caliber.380 ACP

If you are interested in purchasing.380ACP handgun for the purpose of personal protection, the following is a list of eight popular models that should be taken into consideration. It is in your best interest to look into your other choices rather than giving in to the persuasion of an aggressive salesperson who will only show you what they have available.

The Seecamp is the smallest of the various handguns that were considered, but it is possible that it is too small for the typical shooter. This handgun has a good chance of being the most effective choice when it comes to covert operations. My top choice is the Bersa Thunder Plus because it has such a large capacity for its magazines. The Browning Model 1911 would be my first pick, followed by a S&W and a Walther PK as my subsequent choices.

The Glock 42 is by far the most popular model in terms of sales and is an excellent firearm. Cocking the handgun is a challenge for me due to the lengthy draw on the trigger and the rigid mainspring. I’m confident you’ll enjoy it.

Pistols Best.380 Pistol Reviews

  • Glock 42 

     GLOCK 42          

UPC  :   764503910616

MPN :  UI-42502-01

Brand  :  Glock

Model  :  42

Caliber  :  380 ACP

  • BROWNING 1911 380

BROWNING 1911 380

UPC  :  023614743033

MPN  : 051961492

Brand  : Browning

Model  :  1911-380
Caliber  :  380 ACP
  • SEECAMP LWS 380 


UPC  :  850015531040


Model   :  LWS 380

Caliber  :  380 ACP

  • S&W SHIELD EZ 380



UPC  :  022188884142
MPN  :  13315
Brand  :  Smith & Wesson
Model  :  EZ 380
Caliber  :  9mm
  • KAHR CW380



UPC  :  602686167390

MPN  :  CW3833N
Brand  :  Kahr
Model  :  CW380
Caliber  :  380 ACP


UPC  :  091664904025

MPN  :  THUN380PMC15

Brand  :  Bersa-eagle

Model  :  Thunder 380 Combat Plus

Caliber  : 380 ACP


UPC  :  723364209949

MPN  :  4796002

Brand  :  Walther

Model  :  PPK

Caliber  :  380 ACP
  • SIG P238
SIG P238
UPC  :  798681415212
MPN  :  238-380-BSS
Brand  :  Sig Sauer
Model  :  P238
Caliber  :  380 ACP


The 380 handguns are most suitable for carrying hidden in pockets. They are simpler to transport because they are lightweight, tiny, and compressed. The Ruger LCP 380 Handgun, which weighs about 9.6 ounces, is perhaps the smallest of them all. It is therefore my top pick for the finest 380 handguns.

It has a one-piece design, which adds to the gun’s longevity. Furthermore, it has a scope for precise target targets and is compatible with all styles of holsters.

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