Remodel Empty Nail Polish Bottles: What One Can Do With Old Nail Polish Bottles

If you have lots of empty nail polish bottles, it would be a fritter away if you just throw them away. They are more than just bottles for your most wanted nail polish. You can also bring into playing them for a range of stuff, including storing them with other gears. If you’re looking for overwhelming ideas on what to do with empty nail polish bottles, then you’re absolutely in the correct place!

What will you accomplish with old empty nail polish bottles?

There are loads more than just flinging empty bottles of your favorite nail polish. Most of the ladies love DIY art and expertise and have to spend cash on assembling their unique art pieces. But here we let know you how you can create empty nail polish bottle crafts with less expenditure and a lot more entertainment.

Old nail polish bottles have a huge range of things to do as well as making tiny vases, décor pieces, glue bottles, paints, traditional nail polishes and many more.

But foremost, you have to sanitary out the leftover old nail paint from within the bottles to make them clean as well as ready to reuse. For that, we have well-established an easy process for you.

Clear out process for old nail polish bottles: 5 easy steps

  1.     Carry gloves to keep your hands.
  2.     Gather all the bottles you are desperate to want to clean.
  3.     Currently there must be remaining color on the inside of bottles to pull out that sticky or hard nail polish utilizes nail paint remover.
  4.     Steep the bottle for 4 to 5 minutes and after that rinse off.
  5.     Ensure that after cleaning the bottle you clean it with any harmless dish wash soap or detergent to circumvent harm in case of recycling. Then dried out it entirely.

Your bottles are ready to use!

Study on and come across how you can make use of your talent expertise and creativeness and renovate old nail polish bottles into something attractive and functional:

1. Small bottle for your small flowers:

There are loads of gorgeous cute flowers that can make your home more beautiful. You don’t be required to keep having those enormous flowers that need loads of maintenance. You can cleanly store your empty nail polish bottles with small flowers and put on view them wherever in your room.

2. A mini candle container

This may echo unreasonable because nail polish bottles are excessively small for even petite and slim candles. On the other hand, you can before now come across nail polish bottles today that have sufficient opening for a tiny candle. You can beautify the bottle by putting stickers or shimmer to make it more charming.

3. Storage space for loose eyeshadow 

Although loose eye shadow tends to go all over the face, lots of women still find it irresistible to use them. The most excellent way to apply them is to put a few of them on the flipside of your hand, rinse your brush, and apply them to the face. This will consent you to manage the shadow well again. If you plan to take a trip, an empty nail polish bottle will be great storage for your loose eye shadow. This will avert spilling, which could get truly chaotic. You can also make use of your old nail polish bottles as festival decors. Use your crafting ability by adding further design to them through paints, stickers, and other crafty supplies like starts, ribbons, and hearts.


If you find irresistible arts and crafts, then you possibly have countless resources that could do with proper storing. To reuse nail polish bottles is exceptional storage you can make use of for your glitters, small stickers, and further crafty resources. It does not use more than space and it can also work as a decoration in your room.


You can get innovative by making your color of nail polish. Mix a range of colors of nail polish and find out different colors you can make use of. Unique nail polish bottles and use them for storage for new colors that you will fashion. You can also blend an old eyeshadow with your nail polish to modify the colors.


Loads of women are passionate about art and feel affection for spending some of their time doing crafty stuff. If you be keen on using special colors of paint, then nail polish bottles are immense for storing them. Most paint comes in vast bottles and they will take up a lot of space. 

If you have plenty of things just about in your room, then these bottles are not ideal. Reuse nail polish bottles with an adequate amount of paint you’ll be using for your task. This will keep you more prearranged and let you focus more on what you are functioning on.

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